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  • Although I haven’t achieved Stone Guard yet, I expect to get this class soon, and then comes the task of training Stone Guard up to a useful 8 or 9 mastery.

    I see that many of the level 44/45 players already have Stone Guard, at from 3-5 mastery. Is this class useful? Better than Paladin? Is it worth spending LC’s for gaining mastery?


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  • MVNLA2

    @thorondor — It’s never worth spending LC on mastery; see the mastery thread for details. You need to farm snoutlings so you can buy all the mastery offered in the Dojo for snoutlings.
    As for Paladin vs. Stone Guard? I have both at rank 10 and I’m level 42. Stone Guard is a lot of fun, but to really maximize his power you really need skulkers to spread negative effects on all opponents. I’ve been using Stone Guard, Druid, and Skulkers in the new caves (along with a Lot of potions).

    Doc Mayank

    Stone guard is great, does a lot of damage when combined with skulkers and/or thunderbird.

    I prefer Paladin in long wave battles since the healing comes in handy. But if you have enough potions and chili cakes, I’m sure Stone guard will do more damage.


    Red’s bonus damage triggers on ANY status, so pair him with Rainbird, Wizard (stun shield, but stun not guaranteed), Thunderbird, Druid, Princess, Bard (risky since stun isn’t guaranteed), Priest, Cannoneer, Rogues, Marksmen, and/or Skulkers. Keep in mind that Red has a low base damage anyways, so he won’t be doing as much damage as Chuck, Bomb, or Blues. Avenger does the most damage, but has a difficult condition to meet. Stone Guard does the most damage with the easiest condition to meet. Samurai does the most unconditional direct damage and is Red’s only class that can hit foes with Dodge, but struggles to hit Ironclad foes without damage buffs or armor breakers. Paladin does the most single-hit damage to get past Ironclad and comes with a nice side effect of healing.


    Stone guard is really cool, it works well, however the good combos you can build with him are generally better with Paladin or Samurai. To me the paladin is the best class in the game as it’s effective against everything outside ninjas and works well with any other bird. The stone guard can be more effective in a few builds but in that case samurai is better.

    Also having the enemies forced to target a bird counts as a negative effect, so you can for example use cupcake trap or the princess normal attack to have every enemies taking more damage from Red, but he can only hit one at a time anyway so anything that can put a negative effect on Red’s next target will work.


    You will earn a lot of mastery at the end of this event. Just make sure you have enough essence to re-spin till you get the 6k for all birds and if you are lucky you’ll also get the 6k for Red. The special offer for the Stone Guardian only gives that class 10k of mastery. If all your other birds are already rank 10 or will be after this event, then you can go to the dojo and buy 274 consecutive upgrades to get him from rank 1 to rank 10 for about 20k snoutlings. It takes less than 10 min to buy those 274 upgrades.


    @killerkea Unfortunately you cant win 6k for all and 6k for Red in this event. Those prizes are on opposite sides of the wheel.


    The only other Red class that outdamages Stone Guard’s full damage is Avenger when Red is below 37.5% health. If you cannot fulfill Stone Guard’s bonus damage, stick with Samurai or Paladin. I’m not a fan of Stone Guard’s buff either, since it applies after the foe has struck the affected ally. Samurai and Paladin have decent utility other than their damage.


    Let me introduce the strengths and weaknesses of Samurai, Paladin, and Stone Guard:

    Strengths: has all three basic abilities(protect, attack, heal), Devotion can protect both Red himself and target. Probably the best class when fighting( expect ninjas and enemies which bothers you protecting and healing)
    Weaknesses: will be too busy if you have to protect everyone, you should have your Red with quite strong health or he’ll die quickly. He also lacks compabilities with effects expect Skulkers.

    Strengths: deals very high damage, probably the best class that fits the Dragon set. And his defense is powerful that you don’t need to worry about protecting when using it.
    Weaknesses: probably the “busiest” class of all classes, because it’s defense only lasts 1 turn. And you have to take some time to knock out the Ironclad.

    Stone Guard:
    Strengths: attacks are even stronger than Samurai. Has good compabilities with effects(especially Marksmen). Its defense is even stronger than Samurai as it lasts 3 turns.
    Weaknesses: you need sacrafice a bit that its defense works only after being attacked. Probably one of the weakest class against Brawlers.


    Stone Guard works best with Marksmen (nearly 2200 damage if you have the latest set items and 45/10 on both), but try Stone Guard with Titan set and pray for Grand Slam for even more damage (well, you know you have to have Druid with Nightmare set along with Red with Grand Slam set).
    It can be deadly for single enemy if you have the following combo:
    Red/Stone Guard with Grand Slam set
    Druid/Cleric with Nightmare set (for attack+healing)
    Blue Trio/Marksmen with Beep set (for multiple enemies) or Crossbow set (for single enemy).
    Nightmare can bring additional 1400 damage when the enemy is stunned.

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