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  • I have tried to post in the bugs section but it will not let me. I make it all the way through the waves and then it freezes when I get to the wizard. No actions can be taken. Help!!!

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  • hibobbye

    I had the same problem. I think that if you have a bird that is inflicted with the energy draining status then it freezes the game when you start a new wave, so you’ll want to use an ability to remove it (Rainbird or Tricksters are two). That worked for me, although I’m unsure that’s the definitive problem.


    Oh good me too. I was inflicted, so might try it again.


    I do not beat pig wizard. My energy is now vacant. What should I do to kill him.

    Sir Falcon

    Simple. Get Samurai to protect every time the Wizpig strikes and use Druid to Thorn and heal, and use Rogues to attack. Use Cupcake Trap when Wizard strikes. He will not only not get any healing, but will also take DoT damage.


    Highly recommend using the Samurai/Druid/Tricksters trio. You need to focus fire on the Wizard before the Prince Pig since it’s the Wizard who can destroy you quickly. Tricksters will also take care of the buff the Wizard puts up on himself which is devastating. Save your rage Chili for the blues if possible and pray to the heavens he stuns the Wizard. The rest of the time the Chili should be used on Matilda when you need any healing. The best tip of all is to make sure you got a full rage chili bar when you enter wave 5 to get a free shot on the Wizard. He goes down fairly fast if you can stun him or the blues deal massive damage to him. It’s slow to take down the Prince with Samurai/Druid but once Wizard goes down the rest of the fight is a cakewalk. Just remember to have the blues attack the bomb to build up your chili for the blues to stun the Prince.

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