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  • I beat one of the pirate and get the stamina drink from the wheel, when i check the cauldron i dont get the recipe for the stamina drink yet. Did anyone experience this too? or is there any other requirement to get the recipe?

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  • AMslimfordy

    I think it can only be purchased, but I haven’t looked too closely.


    You get only the items with the wheel – not the receipe ^^ you can use the items in the overview, where you attack the enemies with your stamina


    You do get the stamina potion with the recipe. It takes five friendship Essences. If you don’t see it just close and reopen the game.


    @wolkenwand @amslimfordy

    You can obtain stamina drink by:

    *buying 25x stamina drinks for 75 lucky coins
    *craft them for 5 Friendship Essence (value depends on what you roll on the dice)
    *you also get them for free by completing Pirate event levels (on the spin for loot wheel)
    * you get 1 stamina drink every 15 minutes (see amount and time for next stamina drink in upper right corner when you clicked a pirate event level)


    Yay i got the recipe now ^^ all i have to do is restart the game! Thank you for the information guys!


    OK, but how do you use it, does not appear at top of screen like others do?


    @tracy5 When your on the bird selection about to start an EVENT battle ( For The Pirate King for example ) there will be a button below your birds that shows how many Stamina Drinks you have. Push the button and you use a drink for 1 Stamina. You can’t use your Stamina Drinks right now though because there are no events at the moment. Also the amount of Stamina ( Not the drinks ) you have does appear at the top of the screen but only during events.

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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