Spells have levels now??

  • What’s the deal with spells now? I have level 7 spells but I have no idea why or how to improve them. I thought it might have something to do with my level, but my opponent in the arena was level 32 and his spells were level 1, so that theory is out!

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  • RedYoshi45

    As far as I read from the update description, spells now level up with your birds. So if your birds are level 7 your spells will be level 7 too. It has nothing to do with your current star rank.

    However, previously, spells had no level and acted like level 1 spells, so that may explain why you see level 1 spells on your opponent (even though his birds probably were not level 1 anymore).


    Hey Yoshi! Good to see you. Hope you have been well, old friend.


    Oh, hey! Good to see you too. I’ve been living a (rather busy) life without AB2 in the last few months. I do kinda miss the game because flinging birds is fun, but then I don’t because of extremely tedious wave battles, boss layouts and an uneven Arena matching. I’m not quite sure whether I’ll return. (I do still have the game on my device!)


    Cool, though I won’t advocate you play the way I did when you first came on here asking about it. A little while back they changed the arena so the opponents weren’t loaded down with spells, it was working pretty good. But as of today the opponents are bring the spells into the arena again. It is almost enough to put even me off the game. I am going to give it some time, I am still winning some rounds and getting some opponents without spells but I don’t see that lasting very long. Not going by the history of this game and the players.

    Angry Beaver

    Spell levels probably are level of your weakest bird, i have 5 x l12, 1 x l11 and 1 x l10 birds and my spells are level 10.


    Remendé the first Arena, where in orden to get promoted you had to have all your birds on the same level? Well, I guess it’s the same here, you need, for example, the seven birds in Level 5 so your spells are also in that level, but if one bird is on Level 4, then the spells will stay there, on Level 4. Right now my spells are on Level 8 because my Matilda is still on Diamond.


    Spells were already leveled according to your lowest bird rank. They only recently updated so it will show in your card deck.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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