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  • Ok so in the Rescue Bots group I think we can agree that’s where Rachet will be. How about the 3 missing in the Hotrod group. At one point I though the one all the way on the right might have been Wreck-Gar since it appeared with the update near the 30th anniversary. But seeing that the one we can get is Rodimus, I spoke with a friend that is a TF superfan and he said the only one that might be would be Drift (the samurai-like silhoutte). He’s also the reason though it was later confirmed here that I bought Starscream first before Sunstorm and Acid Storm, since he told me the last two were on Cybertron and never came to Earth (to complete the Seeker bonus).

    Any ideas who the other 2 Hotrods might be? The one next to Rodimus has the ears on top like the Lockdowns which is played by Moustache Pig. I have no idea who the other one has a silhouette of.

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  • Raxor

    @sickcyn I think that the 2 others silhouettes, aside of the obvious Bomb Drift, will be reskins of Lockdown and Jazz respectively, if you look carefully, you’ll se that their heads are the same.


    AFAIK, the Foreman’s silhouette is Deadend, while Bubbles’ one is Ricochet.

    Mighty Red

    I think the Jazz-like silhouette is Smokescreen.

    Power Pork

    @mp127 @mighty-red-1 @mndc
    Here is what i found in the game files, hinting drift and Ricochet.

    All The Upcoming Characters listed in the game file (android)


    The game file expired. @abginebird


    Well, I was referencing to my post there, as I’m not able to decode the actual file.

    Technically, I was right about Acid Storm, same should be with Deadend and Ricochet.
    Now, we also know that Drift lands in the Hot Rods, Ratchet in the Rescue Bots, but there’s still one bot without squad: Superion.

    Are you able to open xml.pak again? That would help in the predictions.

    Cynical Bird

    Wow, from 8 months ago :( I hope they add back in the ability to pop TFs from Missions like Bluestreak or just old school availability, because if that’s been in the works that long (I lost track of time) that’s going to be a WHILE. That Hotrod group has had those “Coming Soon” for a LONG time.

    Release these TFs that have been “hidden” for so long please :)

    Power Pork

    Ok, but i have to install the game again, and that takes time since i don’t have enough space.
    It’s not that hard, just find the xml and open it with notepad :-)


    @abginebird Actually, I needed to open the file on a laptop and found the bit of a text on the wall full of Chinese letters :)

    I can confirm:
    -There’re 4 versions of Chuck in the files: except Bumblebee, High Octane Bumblebee, Hot Rod/Rodimus there’s also something called bumblechuckfire_actor, it’s probably the bot from this topic:

    possible New character?

    -The new bots in the Hot Rod squad will be: Deadend (Foreman Pig), Ricochet (Bubbles) and Drift (Bomb)
    -Windblade is based on Minion Pig/Starscream and she shares the files with Seekers. Technically, Silver is a Minion Pig. (It may be considered as true, knowing her backstory.)

    -Superion seems to be totally new character, not based on any of the actual models (just like Drift). Means that Bomb may not be the only new character in the game…
    *Actually, Superion’s file is just a copy of the Terence/Heatwave file. While it’s not completely denying the previous point, it makes it doubtful.
    – <spoiler> Ratchet’s accesories may be called Huffer and Slamdance.
    -There’s just a mention about Scorponoks, flying enemies.


    @mp127 now that we know who Bubbles (Ricochet) and Foreman Pig (Dead end) are representing, let’s try to dig deeper and unravel the mystery of Superion- who and what is he? My Speculations:

    *You hypothesized that Superion may be based a Deceptihog (Minion Pig to be more straightforward), but I noticed off of the TF Wiki (where you can view all kinds of Transformers information) that is labeled as an Autobot, which means he can’t have “pig” in his physical attributes (if he has an attack based off of a Deceptihog that is an exception), and his head is shaped very similar to that of Optimus Prime (and variants)- could he be Red? That would mean that Rovio would have to alter the code in a huge way because all variants of a Bird/Pig transform into the same vehicle, even if they look completely different.

    *What could his weapon be? Based off of the comics and cartoons, it looks like a rifle-like firearm that blasts a beam similar to Galvatron, Shockwave, and (original) Starscream- but if Superion were to have this, wouldn’t he just feel like a clone of the latter two? Rovio would have to “spice” it up a bit- such as allowing the beam (or long lazer blast) to strike multiple targets at once (nah, too much like Shockwave), or being a full-edge tractor beam (a better one than Epic Optimus Prime, who can rarely pull anything towards him if he already destroys it)- that’s my idea

    That’s all my thoughts for now, but once more information gets released I will add more speculations to this thread


    Superion is the Aerialbot combiner.

    There’s no way his ABT version would be based off a pig.


    @rowdypup While I was making the prediction (yeah, that was 8 months ago…) I was looking at the fact that Superion was just after Starscream and Thundercracker, I even didn’t take a look at the TF wiki.

    Now I did it with more arguments, checking both TF wiki, the game and the files. Yes, Superion should be an Autobird, not as I hinted before. The files don’t hint who it can be, because there’re Ratchet/Heatwave related lines instead (less than in actual Heatwave file). But all the other things makes an impression that he’s true, separate character, but hard to code, as you have pointed out.

    5 characters in one… feels like a good material for the big update. :)

    Power Pork

    @mp127 nice!
    But that “bumblechuckfire_actor”, seems it’s just command code for Rodium shooting, or maybe I’m wrong.
    Noticed that new “Coming soon!” Portal thingy it’s now changed into a construction place? Means they finally are making something, but what could it be?
    It’s a long time that it’s on a “coming soon” and it must be something big… not something like endless mode, but something like a story mode.
    You noticed that a lot of Rovio games don’t have a storyline, or had storyline but their story got removed (like ABAction) and we actually never saved the island and never captured the eggbots (unless in comics).


    @abginebird Anything with the storyline would be awesome.

    Because pictures can say more than a lot of posts with text, I print-screened the most important part of xml.pak and coloured it to make it more readable. Legend isn’t needed, 1st part shows it without problems. As you see, there’re 4 Chucks in the both lists of characters, same with Superion. (Sorry for disorder in the file, I don’t have time for something more.)



    What they really need to do is expand the world map to reveal the rest of Piggy Island (which is shrouded by clouds)- still so many areas to explore, such as the Bamboo Forest, the (hard to miss) Crown Mountains, the Moorlands (a rocky Australia-like landscape in on the eastern tip) , and the Square Forest (a forest area bordering the Pig City, which has square trees and strange-yet-magical things)- we’ve only gotten the Pig City and the Cobalt Plateus as DLC since the game’s release- maybe Rovio is thinking of new features to add to the upcoming areas, or new pigs, or even new characters to add to the battle- whatever is keeping them 2 years behind from adding new worlds is a bother to us Transformers fans


    Well for one it actually starts with Hasbro& M.Bay… Hasbro wanted movie #5 to be out this year for the 30th Anniversary. Bay took a break(debatable)… While Hasbro also added the Teenage mutant ninja turtles to his to do list. All leading to the push back of everything TF. Remember, this game was released inline with Age Of Extinction (Eggstinction).. If the board is to be updated with new levels… Expect that Hasbro has a bit of a say in it and would prefer to see it line up with the release of The Last Knight. If anyone has noticed, Rovio/Exient (My guess is more so on Rovio’s part) has done more in the last 6 months to keep people in the game than in any other 6 month period prior, except for the release of the game and last true expansion.
    We know that they have 2 different sets of levels designed and somewhat tested (through soft release). I also wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an expansion during the Sept-Nov period. If not then it should be early 2017, to help with the hype. While most of the characters have been more G1 style with a few exceptions, it would be interesting to see how the trend continues, especially since the recent nod to the Armada Series (part of the Unicron Trilogy, coincidence?!?!).
    While, don’t expect to see any Combiner’s in the true sense of the concept, it may be interesting. If not a red herring.

    Keep in mind, that while we received the squad for the Hotrods, we’ve also seen other squads expanded & created. I’d expect at least a couple more Squads to be shown to us before that squad is filled out. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them realign the squads for expansion. Making the Rescue Bots be the actual Rescue Bots would be interesting as well.
    The future could be very interesting… While on the other side of things… Reskining the coming soon area, doesn’t mean that much to me… Until something is actually announced.


    Thanks for posting, @mp127 !Could not access it on the site…

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