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  • I made it to level 5, but I have only made it to the fourth room with no birds. I was able to get a chili spell, but I couldn’t clear the 3rd room without using tons of birds. Anyone have any tips?

    How is everyone else doing?

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  • Joe B.

    I’m stuck on level 3 and feel these levels are much harder (taking into account that I have all the birds) compared to previous hat events. Maybe I need more practice with the black holes. 1st room holds me up.

    I suspect Rovio may require players to pay gems to switch certain birds to hit big spells to clear rooms. Wouldn’t be surprised…

    Update: Just made it to level 4. Trying new angles helped a lot


    Rovio WANTS you to use resources other than the occasional spell they give.

    The black holes IMO intentionally always direct away from the structures and impossible to get to some of the far pigs on tiny things supported by even those nicer balloons.

    I am in level 5, and it is difficult getting past the 4th room, IF  I make it that far and still have a bird on the sling.

    so, I just stopped playing, and resigned myself that I will have to look at the stupid ‘space’ icon on the bottom, and touching the ‘X’ to rid the SPAM every time I log on.


    Also level 5. Found from Youtube Angry Knight complete video, think I try today again…



    Thanks for the tip about the video. It seems it only works if you get a mighty eagle spell and I have not been able to so far. Otherwise, the third room takes all your birds if you can even make it through it.

    I also think you need the chemist pig to change the structure to ice for it to work. I’ll keep trying.


    I tried level 2 a couple of times. Not a clue how those black holes are supposed to work since I never made it that far on the map.


    Stuck on level 5. Since there was no legendary chest at the end I didn’t spent gems to get through.

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