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  • Clearly their having 2 colossal failures with Monster Pig Events in a row means they should temporarily suspend these Events. The Arena Tournament between said Events went well, so unless they’re ready to launch the next round of Lab levels, they need to stop these Monster Events & stick with Arena Tournaments until they can clearly identify & fix the multiple Monster Event issues.

    For all these months, while these Events had an occasional hiccup, things ran smoothly, so I really don’t understand why things have literally crashed in a few weeks.

    I would love to hear from a computer programmer, because I would like to learn more. I’m 57 & from the BC (before computer generation) & I would think since these small & large Monster Pigs become more difficult to beat in a very predictable order that changing from 1 Monster Pig to another shouldn’t be that difficult. My programming ignorance leads me to believe they would substitute the new B Pig for the old A Pig leaving everything other than the prizes alone. Clearly in the last Event the switching of SP Ship Hull to Defense Up & Mast to Life up was just 1 example of their declining attention to detail.

    Now for an equally important question …. How to compensate players?

    Some spent real $$$ for Gems, what to do? Reimburse Gems spent so no one is out their Gems, but what about the incredible amount of wasted time? After over 3 weeks of failed Monster Events Rovio needs to bite the bullet, going above & beyond to show they’re not out to intentionally rip off consumers because it’s beginning to look that way.

    What would you want? I suggest 1 free SS Bird item of players’ choice & 1 free SS Ship item of players’ choice. I think this would say we REALLY are sorry, mea cupla, however the biggest problem with this solution is it requires a special programming which from recent experience we know is apparently way beyond their programmers’ expertise.

    So what do you think?

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  • TomT

    @justpast40 Hiya, I’m from BC too.

    I would want the option of choosing any SS item for one of the birds and the ship.

    But let’s face it, we are not on any ground to make demands. I’m pretty sure there is a legal fine print somewhere to release Rovio from any legal liability.

    It all comes down to buyer beware: caveat emptor.

    There are soooo many mobile games that have disappeared from the app store / play store over the course of so many years. I have learned to not spend real money on anything. This is purely a personal preference, don’t judge me for being a cheapo. I’m a grinder, and a cheapo, and a grinder. I HAD hoarded over 300 gems before I lost my account (long story, it’s got something to do with trying to fix the seastar pig glitch by re-installing the game). Now I have started over just before last Red tournament.

    I guess it’s ok to spend real money on big companies like Blizzard, or EA. Rovio ain’t exactly a small company. Heck, they’ve got a movie coming out this coming summer!! So I think Rovio will likely to reimburse money-paying players in a mysterious way.

    I spent three effing days trying to catch up, but these effing pigs keep effing disappearing on me. What a weekend wasted!

    The ranking prizes ain’t that good anyways. Blues panels ship hull plus a Bomb item with silver effect? I’d rather Rovio put in some better prizes in the future. Seriously, these tournament items have gone down down hill…….

    So, ya, I want one free SS item of my choice for one of the birds, and one free SS item of my choice for my ship…… FAT CHANCE!

    The problem with my demands is that Rovio can’t possibly process EVERY player’s demands. It will take forever for Rovio to give EVERY player what they want. So I think the best they can do it is: two free spins at a GUARANTEED SS slot, one for birds item, and one for ship item.


    They will not do that, at best they will give a free spin on the 4X slot, so you have a chance for more then one SS


    Has Rovio still not fixed the randomly disappearing monster pig problem? Quite disappointing that there were so many problems that didn’t get attention and any action. I suppose it wouldn’t be a big deal missing monster pig events. I agree that Rovio should go simple and just focus on fixing bugs before continuing monster events or other unstable features. Hopefully they will NOT launch a major update too soon with too many unnoticed bugs, because updates that skewed gameplay quality are probably one of Rovio’s more notable mistakes right now, along with continuing the ordinary pattern without much improvement. I haven’t played Fight! in a while now, so I’ll guess sometime soon I’ll check out what things have happened…


    Well the answer is clear – they (rovio/kiteretsu/whoever) should at least hire a tester. I’m a system tester myself but what I see here is a nearly completely untested piece of s*** (software ^.^)


    All games have flaws and I understand that because not all games are made perfect but I’ve never seen a game that has frequent flaws before until I started playing AB Fight!. I do play some Rovio games and others as well such as Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride and I never spend any money for games because I think it wasn’t worth it in my opinion. But still, I support them by downloading and playing their games.

    I’ve seen lots of complaints regarding the current monster event on FB, this forum, etc. but I don’t know if Rovio and/or Kiteretsu cared about it. For me, they seem like they’re ignoring the problem and continue ‘advertising’ their game to distract players like nothing happened, hoping everyone would not fuss about it. Come on Rovio and Kiteretsu, that won’t work! Considering Rovio is a huge company, I believe you need to keep your customers happy as they’re the ones who gave you the income, reputation and popularity. Do they ever think about the players who spend their time, money and sleep just to show their ‘support’ for this game? I feel bad for them as they look like they’ve been scammed from a broken game.

    I think the players deserve more than the rank awards. Rovio and Kiteretsu can decide what kind of deserving gift the players can get better than the rank prizes as an apology for ‘ignoring’ the problem. I hope they work out fixing their ignorance attitude and the game before making any more serious damage to the game and the player’s gameplay experience.

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