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  • Has anyone ever noticed that the snowflake booster reward is always only one? You can win 3 of every other booster; I have hundreds of them saved.  The snowflake is the only one i have to spend gems on. 😐

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  • Trip.H0P

    Yes, the snowflakes are rare for me too. I have about 90ish of ducks, peppers and inflators but only 30ish snowflakes…


    IMO, they are the least useful spells except under very particular circumstances.


    Hadn’t really occurred to me, but I think you are right.

    Think Ive seen multiple 5? snowflakes when deep in the ToF but not in the chests.



    Snowflake boosters are rare, but they are by no means useless.  Take them when you have to clear different heights in a room and know exactly that you have blues left over.  Take them to blow up tall towering stone towers without birds. Chose them before you use ducks.


    Exactly right. And you can sometimes strike a room with very flimsy structures, especially if there are fans blowing to whip debris around. But these situations aren’t very common and more often than not I find myself with a snowflake but no blues.

    For horizontal structures, the ducks are better.

    Twisted Lemon

    They do seem rare and as far as I know you cannot get a 3-pack of Blizzards at all. They should definitely add it; if you can get 3-pack for every other spell including Mighty Eagles (which are rare but you can still get them) so why not the Blizzard spell?

    As for their usefulness, they’re actually very effective if you know when to use them. Here are some tips:

    – They’re useful for when there’s lots of structures in a room; since it will turn every single piece into ice, and ice is very weak, it will make clearing the room way easier for all birds you have. If there’s lots of stone present then it makes it even more useful, as turning all stone into ice makes things way easier.

    – As @doulgas said, it works nicely against rooms with weak structures; there’s a good chance that some (and even all in rare cases) of them will immediately topple over after they’ve been iced. There’s a higher chance of this happening with tall, slim structures. Short/horizontal structures can sometimes topple over too, depends on how well they’re built though. Still, if nothing topples over then you’ve still made everything into ice so it should be no problem clearing up.

    – Blues works sublime with it, for obvious reasons. Ice up the entire room and then with the right shot Blues can clear most of the structures (not counting any structures that may have collapsed right away from being iced).

    If you have a room with lots of structures then be sure to split Blues nice and early so they can cover more of the room and do more damage. You can still use other birds if you don’t have Blues available, given how weak ice is, but Blues works best.



    It makes the situation worse if you have Silver or Chuck next to the blizzard spell.

    Btw, it is advised to bring 4 spells (without the blizzard) to the Arena, if you make significant damage to fill up the meter twice in the first room, you will be awarded the blizzard as the second card anyway. If you bring 5 spells, you will be awarded nothing for the second time you fill up of the meter.


    Like all the spells sometimes the snowflake is diamond and sometimes hopeless – what I call the Terrance effect – at making structures fall over.

    Agree that both Chuck and Silver are rubbish against ice.

    Vogel Birdson

    Ahh I love a good blizzard! I’ve had so many strikes from it when the structures move enough to topple everything over.

    I love it when I get to the last of my birds with only the ice spell and blue left, at least you know the too work well together.

    And I don’t recall ever having ‘bought’ any, but maybe it was a long time ago.

    Lil Bug

    @angrybirdspro that is a great tip! Thanks! Could be one of the reasons the snowflake spell is so rare.

    I also find it very useful in rooms with lots of balloons tied into structures. The rumble from throwing the spell card is usually enough to get things popping!

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