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  • I was apparently one of the lucky ones that had 10 minute scout timers ever since I started the game 3 weeks ago, although I did not realize that not everyone had 10 minutes until yesterday. Yesterday my timers went up to 1 hour. I agree that everyone should be on the same timers, but if you look at it from my perspective, playing this game takes 6 times longer for me now. It seems like an eternity.

    Actually it is worse than that. I used to play this game called Dead Awaken. You had a limited amount of energy points. You used them to kill zombies and such, which helped you level and gave you points to put into attributes such as Strength and Agility, which made you stronger. No different than any other RPG. Except your energy regenerated at X points per hour. I don’t remember what it was, but the lowdown is that you always wanted to log on just when your energy tank was completely full, do your fighting until your energy was at zero, then you logged out and set your alarm clock for Y hours later (however long it took for your energy bar to fill up again).

    It got to the point where it was like being a slave. As you leveled up, your energy tank became greater (your max energy was higher). As a newbie, you basically logged on every 3 hours. If you didn’t, you fell behind in progress to those that did. As you leveled up and your max energy was higher, you could go 6 hours before having to log on again. But still, I got to the point where I was keeping my laptop under my bed and having an alarm wake me up in the middle of the night so I didn’t fall behind other players. I was pretty hardcore, and I was very high on the leaderboards.

    But I got sick of being a slave to the game. I still liked the game and I wanted to play it. But at some point I realized I was a prisoner in chains that I had forged myself. The day I finally decided to quit you cannot imagine the sense of freedom I felt! Unlike many other games I have quit, I never went back to that one because I knew I would just be throwing shackles on myself again.

    With 10 minute timers, I could play to my hearts content. I’d do three missions and play in the arena a little. Clear my inventory. Then I would grab a drink or check Facebook while waiting for like 3 minutes for a scout to refresh and I would be back to playing a game I really enjoyed.

    With 1 hour timers, AB Evolution has become like Dead Awaken, a ball and chain. There is an event going on and I want Chuck as much as the rest of you. But with progress being made sooooo slooowly, the only way there is even a chance of getting him is to completely maximize scout missions. Log on just exactly as your third scout is becoming available so as not to waste any moments.

    And bingo! I am suddenly a slave to the game once again. I am so well trained to be one from Dead Awaken that I almost naturally wake up at 2am, 4am, and 6am so scout missions are never wasted. Interrupted sleep makes me tired and irritated the next day. All the joy has gone out of the game and been replaced by a sense of oppression and obligation.

    Tonight, I intend to at least break the habit of waking up in the middle of the night to maximize scout missions. I intend to get a full night’s sleep. And therefore I have given up hope that I may get Chuck during this event. There is a chance I could still get him by pure luck, but I have come to acceptance that I likely won’t get him. But the sense of oppression remains. I log in a few times a day to stay active – mainly only because I am the leader of a clan and want to stay active for my clan members – which now also feels like an obligation. But I don’t really PLAY at this point. It feels more like work. There is no joy in it.

    Again, the timers had to be made the same for all players, and I now deeply sympathize for those who have always had 1 hour timers. I honestly cannot believe you have stuck with the game for so long. But I cannot imagine that I will stick with it for too much longer because I can’t stand the old feeling of the prison chains. It still leaves a horrible taste in my mouth and eventually I will have to again throw off shackles. It’s really a huge shame too, because I really was enjoying the game. But a game can only be enjoyed when it can be played, and playing for 5-10 minutes every couple of hours isn’t really playing all that much when I want to sit down and enjoy a good game for 30 minutes or an hour. There are plenty of games where you can enjoy playing for as long as you want, and don’t have to be a slave to a timer. I am sure I won’t be able to quit cold turkey, so you won’t be able to get rid of me for a couple weeks I would imagine. But at some point, the call of Freedom will have to again be answered.

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  • Markus Brezel

    I was able to quit “cold turkey”, though I had achieved a lot in this game.

    Destroy what forces you to open the game:

    – sell all the birds for gold and evolution coins

    —> keep only 5 cheap birds equipped in order to be able to sell all Elite ones.

    If you want to do your Clan a favor, upgrade one of the members to be the new leader.

    —>use all your remaining gold after you have sold the birds in order to level up the Clan.

    Sure, it´s a tough step but you will regain your sleep and freedom again.

    I did the same.

    Google eyes

    Excellent post.  Thanks for expressing my feelings when the clock increased to 1 hour.  After reading a few topics and getting a feel for the gamers playing evolution, I do not understand why Roxio would change the rules mid-way in a game for those that are on the 10, 30 minutes timers.  Still it’s still up to us as a “community” to accept the change or make our voices clear to Roxio that this is unacceptable behaviour.  I sent a message to Roxio last night expressing my frustration with this policy.  I will wait for an answer, then I will decide to stay with a great game or leave.

    Markus Brezel

    I played this game with the 1 hour/scout rule when I started.

    It was a pain in the ass but I managed to keep my wallet closed, well, except for the 3 Euro I spent on a “starter pack”.

    Now all 10 minutes/scout players are addicted and will spend more money in order to maintain their habbits.

    The best you could do is try to quit. It´s worth it.

    Google eyes

    I received an answer to my comments to Roxio about the scout timer:  A message from ADAM

    Hello there,

    and thank you for contacting us.

    We are sorry to hear that our game has caused you trouble.  Also, thanks you for your interest in our game.  The game is undergoing A/B tests at the moment, by default the “scout” revival time is 1 hour, some people get lucky and have the revival time of 10 minutes, while some others stay with the default revival times.  However, please know that these changes may not be permanent – the test group may get changed or the tests may simply finish.  We can only assume that the scout’s revival time will not be longer that 1 hour.  Our game team is looking for the optimal scouts’ revival time.  Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas with us.  This helps us to provide the best possible experience to our customers.  We may forward your opinion to our game team so they can keep it in mind while working on new updates

    We hope this answers your concern and apologize for any inconvenience.  For further assistance you require, please write again to us

    Best regards,


    Rovio Support Team


    This is the latest information, please comment!


    Everything I said in my long-winded post was valid. But here is a much simpler reason I have lost the desire to play this game:

    In Angry Birds Evolution, you cannot enjoy the core gameplay very often.

    If you want to play regular old Angry Birds, you want to slingshot birds into pigs, houses, TNT, and such any time you want. That is how you play the game; it’s what makes the game fun to play. If you want to play Angry Birds Epic, you want to choose a team and defeat a team of pigs any time you want – the strategy of fighting is the fun. If you want to play Super Mario Run, you want to run Mario through levels and collect coins and get to the end, any time you want – that’s what is fun. If you want to play Words With Friends – you want to spell words for large amounts of points – any time you want, and if you run out of friends to play with you can start a solo game. Spelling words is what is fun!

    When I play Angry Birds Evolution, I want to slingshot my birds into a square filled with pigs. Use strategy to hit them from behind, use the most effective Super Shots, etc. That is the CORE GAMEPLAY of the game! It’s what makes the game fun! But there are only two ways to do that: (1) Wait an hour for a scout to revive, then get to play 1-2 battles or (2) Win 10 arena battles – which I don’t enjoy, can take quite awhile, and indeed HAS ITS OWN TIME LIMIT – to get 10 keys so you can do a dungeon and enjoy one 3-wave battle.

    I want to fight! I want to battle pigs! But I can’t do it any time I want. I cannot simply open the game and enjoy the CORE GAMEPLAY of the game any time I want! In fact, I can only enjoy battling once or twice per hour!

    With 10 minute timers, you still had to wait A FEW MINUTES after you used up all scouts. But basically you could ACTUALLY PLAY THE CORE GAMEPLAY of the game pretty much any time you wanted. With 1 hour timers, you ALMOST NEVER can.

    If you think about it, when you spend real money to purchase gems or berries to revive your scouts, you are literally paying Rovio just to play the basic functionality of their game. Sure, you do this for MMORPGs, but for an Angry Birds game?!

    Yeah, yeah, another long-winded post I know. But after I thought about it for awhile, I finally realized what REALLY killed the game.

    Epic Buttstomp

    @e5c4p3artist   This 1 hr timer is good. In the other Rovio game Angry Birds 2 where there are 2 live counters (regular levels + arena), the arena went to a ticket system 2 yrs back and the result has been abused in epic fashion. There were some kind of regeneration timer for free ticket regeneration every 3 hrs but that will be useless once you start winning in the arena winstreaks that will generate even more tickets. You end up with hundreds of tickets easily without buying anything. Along with other exploits that (eg. lady of infinite spells). You can essentially play Arena continuously until your eyes and fingers fall off, as long as you have internet access on the device. You have people winning in Arena that have ridiculous scores. At one point 1+ yr back you can even muck with the time on your device to quickly regenerate the regular levels life counter. The Arena mess lead to runaway inflation that Rovio need to “print more money” by releasing more bird levels every 2 weeks to keep up.

    Just step over to that subforum and you will see the endless complaints about the mess.

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