Skulkers, Chili, or save up for Thunderbird?

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  • I have 120 gold coins and I am wondering what I should get.

    I am currently 1/2 way through the cave 10 with most birds being 5 and a couple that are 6.

    Should I get the Skulkers, Chili or save up 275 for the Thunderbird?


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  • firedragon

    Definitely chili.
    Having all your birds fired up can have a major advantage.


    Chili first for sure. After I would go for Skulkers and then Sea Dog. Thunderbird I don’t use very much and wouldn’t recommend until you have coins to spare.


    It’s funny how I used to argue that the golden chili was the best thing to buy and many would argue against it, but now almost everyone agrees that the golden chili is the best thing to buy. The majority of people who have all birds say the Thunderbird is the last bird you should get.

    Angry Johnny

    I can only concur with the rest. The priority order to get those three is:

    1) Golden Chili
    2) Skulkers
    3) Thunderbird


    @KillerKea My opinion about the golden chili changed with the arena. I had to do my first arena week without it, and it was a disaster. Once I had the chili, it got considerably easier. Outside of the arena, it mainly speeds things up a bit. It’s not too useful in the cave, especially for the multiple wave battles, because its effect is limited to your first move.


    Think of it like this: You use the chili in *all* battles (Arena + normal).
    The other classes in some cases.

    So, go for Chili.

    After that, I prefer the Skulkers + Bomb combo (with chili) for massive damage, so Skulkers #2 for me.


    Chili is by far the most useful, however it’s so powerful the game loses any interest as it becomes way too easy
    And Skulkers is definitely better than thunderbird (btw I would also take Sea Dog before Thunderbird)

    Actually, why not seadog after chili? I had a lot of benefit from him with the extra attack for every round and his massive damage…


    I have all, but have just started to use the Skulkers and Thunder… I would say Chili all the way though. I use it every game.


    I got Chili Thanks!!! it makes farming for materials much faster too.

    I also had not realized that Chili would work in arena.

    As for Thunderbird I thought thunderbird would rock in arena due to the damage shield on all birds.

    And Seadog I was scared that since he looses damage as he get injured he would not do all that much more damage than Capt’n that had the debuff.

    I guess Seadog is showing 571 damage in the store and that is level 1. so he would get up to 1k damage pretty fast.

    Thanks much for all your help folks!!!


    Thunderbird is not recommended except you want “collective item” because it’s very weak on both offense and defense (marksman can give way more substantial damage for Sumari and Cannoneer).


    @xukanik The Sea Dog is my favorite bird. My level 41 rank 10 with Sugar Rush set does 1337 damage. It is true that when he is low on health he is useless, but the Gang Up skill is very powerful. The Sea Dog when using Gang Up will get 2 attacks each round after the 1st round. When using Chuck’s Speed of Light attack your Sea Dog will get an additional 2 attacks in the arena and 3 attacks if you are using Blues as your third bird outside the arena. So outside the arena you can get 4 attacks in the first round with the Sea Dog and up to 5 per round later on. Most things are dead before they can hurt you much since 4 attacks is 5348 damage and I’m not counting any bonuses from additional damage caused by things like a chain attack. The Sugar Rush set can also heal more than anything else. The Scissors set does even more damage.

    My Captain with the Sugar Rush set only does 963 damage and even if he has Whip Up cast on himself he only does 1541. Use Skulkers with the Sea Dog and now his damage increases from 1337 per attack to 1738 per attack. With the Sea Dog the best defense is a powerful offense.

    What the store shows is what the Sea Dog would do when you first entered the store so if you were level 15 when you first discovered the Sea Dog in the store it is only showing you the level 15 stats not the level xx stats of your current level.


    Agree with KK’s order:

    1. Chili – you *always* use Chili, and it’s incredible with Chuck’s power – you get more than a full extra turn at the start.

    2. Sea Dog – he has awesome fight ability against Pigs, but not great in Arena.

    3. Skulkers – very tricksy, combo-based stuff here, good damage.

    4. Thunderbird – unimpressive damage and shock shield


    I have only found the Thunderbird to be helpful against Ninja (with the shock shield) but even then, when you play the ones that can dispel, you lose that benefit as well.


    @graugeist I think the Sea Dog is great everywhere including the arena since the AI almost never targets my Sea Dog.


    Damn with this new event and getting 2000+ xp points per bird I should have gone with Skulkers and have it level up quite a bit!
    I hate leveling up a low level bird class because they die so fast.
    right now I am farming SRC for XP and putting the caves on hold so I can save up those friend tokens to re-roll and get max xp. I am 2nd right now with 12k and 3rd only has 7k so I have good lead but still want to keep those friend tokens to get more points in case I need them.

    Then get Chili.


    Chili is very useful in the Arena. Get a big shot on your first turn. Using it on Chuck might even allow you to knock out opponents in the first turn helping you get those KO objectives. It’s also great since you use it EVERY battle. I had to wait a while, but I think I got the Chili for 90 LC when it goes on sale occasionally.


    Well,what about buying Bard?It’s more cheap than the others.Besides,I’m still thinking if buy Skulkers or not,cause I used Marksmen well for a long time and I’m not good at using AoE attack.Last,is the Sea Dog’s lag fixed?I want to buy this first after the Golden Chilli.


    @kenhsieh I love using Bard for the arena because she hits so freaking hard. If you play the arena Bard is worth the coins. Nightmare set will make her deadly.

    I’m not a fan of her in the main game though.


    Bard is very deadly if with Nightmare set,but her DEF is weaker than the others.So maybe the first LC class(expect Paladin)I will buy are Skulkers instead of Bard,then Sea Dog,Bard,last Thunderbird.


    Good choice. If I didn’t have them already that’s how I would buy.


    Personally, I would rate the items/classes as the following:
    1 – Golden Chili
    2 – Skulkers (super debuff for PVP, debuff is stronger than Thunderbird’s.)
    3 – Bard (her healing is weak compared to other classes)
    4 – Sea Dog (strong but weakens with damage)
    5 – Thunderbird (it’s behind a Friendship Gate anyways, so you’ll need 300 LC to even get it if you don’t have Facebook. Give it more mastery and it’ll be much better thank at rank 1 mastery.


    @KK – the issue with Sea Dog in the Arena is that he’s a combo bird that wants both other birds to ride off. When either of your birds goes down, he doesn’t get to make a bonus attack.


    Bard is OK, if you’re going for Stun.

    Usually, when I take White, she’s Druid for the Poison strategy with Rainbird & Rogues.


    What? Chili works in the arena? I got in diamond without knowing that…really…I have to try it!
    You should save up for Sea Dog instead of Thunderbird, he’s really amazing when teamed up with Lighting Bird

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