Shuffle button suddenly gone in clan battle and MEBC

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  • 3 days ago, I had shuffle and reset buttons on both MEBC and in clan battles (I am keenly aware that they were both removed from DC, KPP, and points-based clan events). 2 days ago, I stopped having shuffle button on MEBC and clan battle, yet the restart is still there.  I use a shuffle or 2 on both fairly regularly, and have now been accidentally hitting room restart (UGH!) on those events, as it is right in bottom middle of screen.   I checked with co-workers and clan mates, and it is just me who lost the shuffle button.

    I opened a ticket with Rovio, and they are simply spitting out a scripted reply that “from time to time we change the game, and we’re sorry if you don’t like it or find it unfair”.    Say what?  There has been NO update past couple of weeks, and if everyone else has it, it IS unfair.

    I have tried hard reboots, etc.  But I am scared to uninstall/reinstall the app as I am not on Fbook (hate it) and am not sure if the cloud backup works.

    Has anyone else had this happen or had another button/option  go missing?  If so, please share what I can do to fix it.  Thanks in advance!


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  • JJ

    From youtube- with shuffle as well as restartHere are screen shots of current clan battle- mine has no shuffle, one on youtube does have it, as do my co-workers and clan mates.Mine-no shuffle



    @jj-gotcha, I get those cryptic crappy curtly stated responses from rovio all the time. In fact I basically have stopped complaining about their underhanded tactics.

    Apparently there does not have to be an update for that sort of BS to happen since it is a WiFi/data type of game where rovio can change it at will without letting users know in advance.

    My opinion, everything rovio is a big SCAM.

    I just noticed the shuffle button is gone on my iPad. Missing in last clan battle, gone from the arena, and nowhere to be seen in the episode out on the mountain. I will have to check next clan events.

    Personally I don’t miss it, nor the restart. Only have tapped them by accident. And long wished they could be ‘brought up’ when needed.


    @bill-l  I completely agree they should  be removed (I’d truly rather not be tempted to spend gems on them, as Rovio forces people in good clans to buy/spend gems for those events), but ONLY if everyone has them removed.  When they moved the buttons to bottom of screen, I tapped sooo many times by accident!  They also keep the bottom of screen from showing for people who play on their phones.

    My beef is that at least several other people I know still have them, so the playing field is unfair.   I’d truly rather not be tempted to spend gems on them, as Rovio forces people in good clans to buy gems for those events.

    As far as I know, the last update removed (for everyone) both restart and shuffle in KPP, DC, and points-based clan events.   Just baffled at why only some now have 1 button on the clan battles and MEBC.  Bizarre, IMO.   Am guessing the cheaters still have everything (rolling eyes).

    I am getting pretty sick of the whole Rovio greed scheme as well. May be time to find another game….


    You’re so lucky Rovio removed one of the buttons, just a shame it wasn’t the other one too! At least they moved them to the centre so I’m less likely to tap them, but I’m still stuck with both. At least it looks like they’re veering towards getting rid of them if their tests go well :D


    I lost mine on my iPad. Haven’t checked my iPhone.  I had a feeling it was going to only affect some players.  It is one of their little “experiments” i suppose.  And, you are right.  It isn’t fair.  Being unfair seems to be a common occurrence with Rovio.  🤦🏽‍♀️


    My Shuffle button is still missing. It’s been 3 unfair CVC’s now for me. I’m wondering if Rovio is testing to see if they can make more money from us if we are frustrated into using the more expensive Restart button because we don’t have the cheaper Shuffle button option. I noticed a while back that using the Restart button only creates an algorithm that sets us up for more failure…pushing us into pressing the Restart button more often. Which is disgusting.


    @flutterfly  If I don’t get a strike with Terrance I’ll restart the room.  I’ll fling Terrance again, get my strike, and earn less points than I did the first time.


    @Flutterfly  – I think you’re likely right about Rovio finding a way to make players use tons of gems!

    I’d much rather lose the Room Restart than shuffle, because sometimes there is simply a crappy bird order assigned.


    Both shuffle AND restart are rigged to make you score less and/or spend tons retrying CvC, MEBC, etc.


    Shuffle- says it’s 3 random cards, but surely is interesting that my friend and I tested this together on 2-3 occasions- shuffle at the same place in game and compare our new cards.  In every single instance, we were both dealt the same cards.


    Room Restart-  will eat your gems, your score, AND your progress on the destructometer.   If you care to test, note exactly where your destructomer is (how much % full), spend the 40 gems and restart, and watch up to 1/3 of your destructometer progress to disappear.


    In any case, when given a disadvantage because of my options being taken away and others’ not, I feel FAR less inclined to play and definitely uninclined to spend!


    I’m hearing from other players who get the same canned message about “constantly testing new features”…no matter the subject.  I suppose their actual troubleshooting-type support has become extinct.





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