Should I continue to accumulate coins?

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  • I just hit 30 million yesterday.

    Now I’m wondering if I should bother collecting any more?

    I’ve been acting on the assumption that:

    1. the level cap will be raised from L15 to L20
    2. coins will still be the primary currency required for upgrading TFs (plus the special materials, of course)

    We haven’t really heard anything from Rovio about their future plans. I’m really hoping that I haven’t wasted my time continuing to run nodes after maxing out my TFs’ levels.

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  • ph

    @optimuspig I was wondering the same thing. I am almost to 25 million.


    The main resource needed to upgrade characters is time. These days, with Goldbrick and short reload times for nodes, it is possible to get enough coins for upgrading as you go.



    I’m just wondering if I should continue to stockpile or not. Just in case when the level cap is raised I’m too bored (or busy) to run enough nodes to earn coins then.


    Since I reached level 465 a few weeks ago with over 15 million coins, I’m only harvesting from the nodes and doing missions to get gems and materials for the lab.
    At the moment I see no reason to play a lot for mainly more coins and pigs.
    I do play to get Shockwave.


    I am not close to the max level yet (375), but I have recently decided to shoot pigs first and other stuff second. None of the ranks care about coins, and they come easily enough. Gems and Pigs are what matter these days…


    Yeah, I’m probably going to pull back on running nodes, and just harvest coins and run missions.


    I am at 11 million (plus or minus) … I have been working on my miles achievement, so I have not been concerned at all with coins as I get Shieldor and just drive on through the level.

    It takes about 1.7 million in coin to get a bot from level 1 to level 15, so have enough coin for at least 6 bots to level 15.

    With the current event, coin accumulation has been increased as the levels are longer and the damage given by a bot during the event has been raised versus a normal node.

    At the end of the day though, what else are you going to do with the coins? Hopefully Rovio will open up new areas of the map … this may imply coins for that. Until something like that, just hang on to them.


    I rarely watch ads these days.


    Show off’s lol


    LOL. Well I’ve been playing ABT since October 2014. So I reached Rank 435 early enough that the only thing I’ve spent coins on over the last four months has been healing. Plus the rate of coin accumulation during the current Holiday Challenge has been insane.


    If I was maxed out and had 30 million coins I’d do stuff that gets gems since that is the only currency Rovio seems to want to use anymore. Your coins will continue to accumulate eithier way.


    I’m already harvesting around 50-75 gems a day. Given the way they nerfed the lab a few months ago, I think that’s decent.


    @optimuspig, that’s probably because you burn all materials you get in the Pig Lab for extra gems. If you used them for upgrading, there would be much less.


    Well that’s my point. I wouldn’t have hit 30+ million coins if I hadn’t hit Rank 435 over three months ago.

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Should I continue to accumulate coins?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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