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  • Feeling a bit silly to create an account just to ask these questions. But here goes: where are the ship energy potions stored? I just claimed one as a gift, but can’t find it anywhere. And I remembered having claimed one a couple of days ago. And I’ve definitely haven’t used them.
    And another curious thing: a super clam pig appeared, I went to play the slot, and when I got back, it was gone. Hmm….

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  • tantan

    1. If you press plus icon near your ship energy row, you’ll see two options to refill your energy: by portions or by gems. Your portions are kept there and if you press them your energy will be refilled.

    2. Sometimes it happens, I think due to server problems. The same pig will appear later.

    3. Welcome. )))


    Thanks for the clarification! ??


    I have also major issue with Super monster pig, I kill them and they dont show up in my log, nor the points for them… I just killed Super 20 and I can’t see it, I’ll see if my next super is again 20 or 21. (and I am not credited for my ship energy I used…)


    @troisdsmax I’ve had that happen to me too. But usually if you wait a bit it will credit you with the points.


    @troisdsmax, the points not being awarded or showing in the Log is an ongoing problem for many many months & Rovio just ignores it. Once in awhile as @jdweagle1 said, the points are awarded but don’t show in the log, but I’d say that’s perhaps 5%-10% of the time; 90%-95% of the time not only are they not in the Log but ther points simply aren’t awarded.

    There are multiple reports on FB, here on ABN, in the Google & Apple Play Store reviews, but Rovio sweeps it under the rug while continuing to collect real money for those that purchase gems.

    I’d suggest opening a trouble ticket with Rovio, explaining as you did here that the points simply weren’t awarded, but don’t hold your breath on a resolution. I would hope they’ll get so many reports they can’t ignore it anymore. Once they asked me for pics so they could track it. I sent 2 sets, 1 from iPad & 1 from iPhone showing Monster Pig numbers, times & dates of fights & they closed the ticket.


    I usually find that opening up the top 200 leaderboard or prize list helps refresh the score (you see your current score right away). I tried to find my Super Squid Pig Lv. 1 entry in the log, but it was nowhere. Another person’s Squid Pig that I helped out with didn’t show up either in the log, but I could find the most recent SSP (my own Lv. 2) right at the most recent log page.


    Yeah just open the leaderboard and it refreshes your score. It’s pretty irrelevant if the pig appears in your log or not because almost always you get the points you should get when you refresh. This also happens pretty much instantly when you finish fighting a pig.

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