Senna Bird old sprite

  • Yesterday i used a old Angry Birds Go! apk to try getting Santa’s Kart (v1.6.0) but i can’t get him but curiosly i found something insteresting. My last character played was Senna Bird and when i tried to play other character replace him. Chronicler Pig was the old sprite of Senna (I used other version too, v1.4.0 and this pig appear too). Your ability is different of Senna. Your special power works offensively. You attack other opponents behind you. Your sound look like a shot. Maybe Chronicler Pig will replace Senna Bird soon or will be added in game

    Chronicleg Pig 4

    Chronicleg Pig 5

    Chronicler Pig 1

    Chronicleg Pig 2

    Chronicleg Pig 3

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  • Blue Pig Cypork

    Chronicler Pig would be cool…
    but we need Minions, Chef and Proffesor, too!


    @filipersr i think i know how this started…..
    back in February me and my brother wrote a whole list of characters to be in Go! to Rovio- and a few weeks later we got a HUGE envelope containing stuff like stickers, a journal, and a card- but thats not important- the letter they sent us stated “we will consider using your characters in the future!”- and thats why you see Chronicler Pig as a “mirage”

    some people i included on that list were: Ice Bird, El Porkador, Hambo, The Eggs (in a Nest), and much more


    You are lucky you haven’t found the kart: a bug in that update would remove most your L4 karts in case you found and accepted Santa’s Sledge.


    I’m not lucky, i lost my Rocky Road karts and now my Senna Birds hasn’t got his helmet. I can play as Senna only on multiplayer because on Campaign when i play with him my game crashes (Warning: don’t install any previous version).



    I think Chronicler Pig is hidden since the beginning in the game or since v1.4.0 (July 2014). Probably will be added soon.


    I think this game had all known birds and pigs by the time it was released. It is probably a later adition which they have considered.

    I wouldn’t think it will replace Senna. Having him appear is probably related to pointer values, which change and you change the source code.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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