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  • What do you guys think about adding a second Paladin Pig and joining them together?

    After the current event I am looking at winning my second Paladin Pig and was wondering what the effect would be?
    Will that unlock it to level 30???
    If so, will attack, shield and health all double what it is now?

    I am debating whether it is worthwhile Joining them together, because currently at L-15 I win 99.9% of my match ups.

    If I level up beyond 15, as far as 30 I will be matched up against a lot more opps with premium gear. If all the attack, defense etc is doubled, it could offset the gear.

    Currently Paladin Piggy is: 621, 529, 480, and most of the time I rarely match up with opps with panel increasing effects and SS gear.
    Once I reach 30, and even if my levels are all doubled. 1242, 1058, 960, I don’t think I have the same advantage as I currently have.


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  • deindiaan

    After you win this piggy for the second time he can reach level 20.


    Ahh, thanks! I assume you already have 2?
    His attack, defense, etc must just go up in the same proportions for another 5 levels.


    Yes I already have 2 of this one, same goes for al the other pigs 5 levels up when you get them again. Attack defence etc will go up when you increase his level.

    Beth Patrylak

    I decided to forgot getting another paladin pig because with the wizard and paladin at level 15 I win 99.9% and figure with the shaman I should be about the same so that’s 3 guaranteed wins


    Theres only one big problem: you can’t avoid to combine pigs if you “accidentally” win a second one in slot or monster event. So sooner or later you will have to increase the pigs level sadly.


    That 5-fights cooldown timer is really sucky.

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