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  • Anyone else disappointed with the point prizes? The SS item (a hat for Red) isn’t that good to me. I’m hoping the ranking prizes will be better.

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  • EggStealer

    At least you can get 16 gems.


    i am just in to 16 gem;)

    But also Leader board prize ship looks good to me (but i don’t think i ll do 11 day for it)

    i do prefer top 500 for a ticket we can choice 1 item from slot.


    Why they keep making items without skills, it’s such a waste, atleast give it the worst skill of silver bonus first/last 10 seconds


    @saren Just look at Blues’ golden rare shark teeth……..




    rovio plz stop this

    at least it’s a hat and not a weapon since I already have the big ben so I don’t need any weapons for red anymore

    however I also have the tuna sushi which is definitely better than this


    I must say that after finishing top 500 in the last monster event, this boat is not attractive to me (I don’t have double attack mast for red).

    The only interesting item in the whole list to me is the Golden claw for Chuck since I only have a Bazooka+ so it would be an improvement and the Paladin hat for the Blues (I only have the archer hat)

    Just need to stay in the rank for the gold item and i’m clear, I’ll take this smooth for the next 11 days.


    @troisdsmax Do you mean for lab items?


    Hmm…a weapon for Chuck? That would work, because my Chuck only has an A weapon. The golden item would be my goal because so far I only have some S items from previous monster events which aren’t that great. Sadly, I feel that it’s really hard to reach 10,000th without spending gems. At one time I remember the SS item only requiring a ranking of 20,000th up. But looks like Rovio bumped it quite a long time ago. I feel that the point prizes are much more worth it because there are gems and coins, and you don’t need to worry about cheaters on the high end of the leaderboard. But if I got 10,000 points this event, I would certainly have been in a high position. I’m still baffled at how some people can get the highest point prize in the first 2 days, though! Some explanations would include:
    – insane gaming
    – crazy gem purchasing
    – hacking points/energy/gems

    And I hope there won’t be a returning monster pig until MUCH LATER in the event. Oh man, those things were so hard-core! In the Clam Pig event, I just couldn’t keep up after 3 Squid Pigs.


    Looks like Rovio hasn’t fixed the glitch that happens after you beat a monster pig and it should have counted for points, but you didn’t get anything and you still lose the ship energy you’ve used. Fortunately, that only happened with my first pig, and I didn’t lose anything for helping out with a Lv. 20 Super Scorpion pig afterwards (I took screenshots just in case). There was also another glitch that caused a level 1 monster pig to appear in the Halloween Pig event when it should be a higher level pig instead. No idea if it was fixed.


    @freckledpig147: Clearly there is a cheat in the top list. I am ranked around 1000 actually with 6000ish points.

    I haven’t played intense during the weekend, so my rank could be way higher.

    Depending on your lvl, skill, equipment, these event are easier.

    I finished in top 500 last event without SP items and by spending around 15 gems.

    Right now with my boat from last event + double attack chuck mast. I still can one shot lvl30 super scorpions.

    I will be able to MVP super Scorpion for until 50-60 with 1 ship energy only.

    I will be able to one shot regular one till lvl70-80.

    I got the SP mast that triple my shield. I still prefer to use my double attack mast I tend to do more damage overall on 2 rounds with double attack mast then 3-4 round without it.

    With a run where my captain chuck has 140, I do 2K a hit with him, so 4k since he double attack. If I had the SP bow, I would do 6K per hit with Chuck.

    Anyone with the SP bow has a huge advantage.

    If you just target the gold claw for chuck, focus on helping people with lvl30+ Gold Scorpion and the harder one that will appear later on.

    I achieved 10k point last event on my son account during the last 3 days just by helping with harder monster that gave 150-200-300 every kill.

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