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  • Scores just spinning !!

    recently while in the tournaments, the scores for players on the right (mobile device) just spin. It wont bring up the scores. But will tell me where i rank after the round has ended. Also the game in general tends to drag more lately. It does this from multiple locations. And wifi or 5g doesnt make a difference. Its really frustrating.

    Is anyone else experiencing this lately. ??

    wondering if theres some new issue with the  ab server or something i can do on my end to correct it. It used to work fine

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  • missy-little

    @jppaul it’s been doing on my mobile device for 2 days also I’m sure there working on it . Not playing till they get it fixed can’t afford to lose any Power UP’S either HA HA ,I only register my scores if I’m in the top 5 I hate to lose

    Mick L

    I’ve had the same problem for 4 days…anyone know if they are working on it?


    Ok, at least i know its a common problem. Hope its fixed soon


    I also have the same problem. Been like this a week. Reported it to Rovio twice.

    sticky pads

    same here — just waiting for the cows to come home, or pigs — last reinstall, w/ Rovio’s guidance, i lost 1000s of coins, many PUs and the full set of slings — still haven’t gotten the slings back 🦵🏼

    Is this going to remain like it is? W/no scores showing!!?? It’s ridiculous I think it’s some lamebrained idea of someone’s to make us buy more power ups!!?? I say get rid of this idea and start showing scores again!! Please 😳

    I think it’s someone’s lamebrained idea at having us buy power ups? I say show us scores again! We should all boycott purchasing anything! 😡

    Yes until I came in here to view Rayitos way of doing things and saw that even his wasn’t showing scores!!?? I felt better that it wasn’t just concast AGAIN!? 😏🙄

    I hear ya but I’m a sucker and have bought even more now than ever! I fell right into their trap I swear they did this so we would BUY 😭

    At least show scores on the friends side!! To see what we have to beat for three stars 🥴


    This is reply from Rovio

    Player Support Team (Angry Birds Friends)

    Aug 8, 12:07 UTC


    and thanks for getting back at us.

    We have submitted the fixed version to Apple and it’s waiting for their review. Once that’s done it will be pushed live to the stores. As this issue is only affecting the mobile version of the game, you can see your leaderboards correctly in the PC version at

    Kind regards,

    Rovio Support Team


    I’ve been having problems w/ABF for weeks. It is SLOW!! I have lost power ups; scores are crazy; the forward arrow to proceed to the next game takes you back to where you were. I haven’t uninstalled because I think I will lose something

    Anyone know what is up? I have sent issues to Support but they haven’t answered any  seems like this began after they changed the design  I am fine w/it but the issues have gone on for too long. Are others still having problems?


Home Forums Angry Birds Friends Forum scores just spins !

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