Roll-out achievement

  • Come on Rovio, give us a break!

    5000 miles for three stars and ONLY 15 gem prize!?

    I am at rank 269, and have completed 4612 events… Now you’re telling me that i have to complete 5388 more to get 15 gems!?

    Since there was a bug witg this achievement, I think it would be fair that Rovio acknowledged previous “travelling”…

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  • Optimus_Pig

    Agreed. I was Rank 246 before this achievement started working for me.


    I personally think they should either shorten it by 1/4 or remove it completely. I’ve had this achievement working for me since the game started. I’m rank 248 and only have 3000 miles. This is taking WAY too long.


    This achievement is now running for me.

    Unfortunately, the drastic spike in difficulty means that I have not done more than maybe 5 miles in since the update. Zzz…


    Feeling curmudgeonly today. Before that recent update I hit 4999 miles, and poof, achievement status was nuked. I’m at a rank of 305 and a couple of days ago, passed the 1000 mile mark (again). Do the math Rovio, it’s a measly 15 gems for 5000 miles, fix the bug.


    Not sure if anyone knows this, but I think it only counts how far you travel in car mode and not when walking. That’s why it may seem a long time to get. I am still working on this my self and at only 3009 out of 5000 but that’s because I walk through the events a lot.


    Well there’s no objective way of knowing how many miles you’ve really traveled on each node run, as there’s no scale to benchmark it against.

    Rovio could be deliberately setting the bar extra-high on this one, just to encourage people to play more.

    I’m just pissed off that it took six months for me to register my first mile!


    So I have been trying to be in vehicle mode more in the events and in a day I since my last post I went from 3009 to 3035 miles so I believe this confirms that to travel 5000 miles its in vehicle mode. also I do believe that when you do the jenga event the first part when your in vehicle mode it counts that, also when you destroy the bricks that counts towards the highway to destruction achievement for deceptihogs

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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