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  • Is there a way to completely reset your game status and essentially start over? I realized after reading all the posts and guides here that I wasted my gold coins and snoutlings way too early in the game. I’m currently on level 25, but lack a lot of the epic weapons and shields.

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  • Sir Falcon

    Log out of Rovio Sync. If you don’t have then just simply create and log out.


    The epic weapons and shields are from luck anyhow, restarting the game won’t help much. It’s just a matter of patience and long-term daily Golden Pig rolls at your friend’s nests. You can also accumulate more gold coins with the daily Golden Clouds level. Restarting is not worth it in my opinion.


    If you are signed into a Rovio Account, sign out. Then delete the app and reinstall. Your progress should be gone.

    The new 2.0.0 version seems to remember game progress even without logging into FB, Google or Rovio.

    I’ve tried uninstalling the game twice and deleting everything under Android/data/com.rovio.* but still it syncs from Tinkertitan-knows-where.
    Is there a way to completely clean an Android tablet of all AB Epic data?


    why you care about epic items at 25 lvl? they become useless once you reach higher lvl
    also they are not many ways to get lc at early stage if i am not mistaken beside few chests(?)


    @s320p380 I do not know if you can wipe a device clean, but if you have (or want to setup) a second email account, you can start a new game on your device. You may need to borrow a second device for a few minutes to set the second game up on its own Rovio Account, but after that you can log out of that device, then log out of your current Rovio Account on your first device, and log back into the newly set up Rovio Account and it will take you to your new game.


    @zaqxsw this thread was created over 2 years ago when the level cap was level 25

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