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  • It is time for Rovio to get rid of the report button.  In the beginning, I’m sure it was invaluable in finding hackers.  Now though, it is being used as a weapon during CVC battles by clans that cannot win by legitimate means.

    IF the use of the button resulted in bans only when warranted, that would be one thing. However there have been several cases of legitimate players being banned, albeit temporarily, because of this function. Rovio then proceeds to steal the money they’ve paid in.  The reporter and Rovio win…the innocent player, not so much.

    We’ve done a lot of analysis to try to figure out how clean players still end up screwed and it seems like the only possibility is the abuse of the report feature.

    Have a buggy phone and reinstall the app (per Rovio’s instructions mind you)= BAN

    Change your  name too often (for which Rovio happily collects 100 gems) to have themed CVCs with your clan? = BAN

    Play the game for years and thus have all the hats and too many pearls? = BAN

    All this is doing is entice clean players to give up and either quit the game or go to the hacker side.  Neither of which is fair or fun for any of us.

    When Rovio kicks players out during a CVC (legit or otherwise), it screws the rest of the clan.  If in fact the player was clean, they get reinstated and maybe get back some or all of what Rovio stole but the rest of the clan gets no compensation for being screwed out of CVC winnings.  How is that fair? This needs to be handled differently.

    Rovio, you are ruining the game. This is supposed to be FUN. If you want clean players to keep spending money, stop making it miserable.

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