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  • I’m now like level 30 and now I’m doing the king pig’s castle. And the problem is that I’m kinda stuck because the pigs are wayyyy too strong. So I looked at the youtube and the guy on youtube is doing is like level 16 or something and he’s doing it so easy unlike me. So first question is is there a thing like pigs getting stronger compared to my level. And second question is what should I do in order to get through these hardships

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  • datguygamer

    You see when you level up, the attack and health boost you get is lesser than that of the pigs. When those level up they gain more attack and HP than you. So what you need to do is buy Mastery for your bird classes. You can gain mastery by playing in events or by buying them at the Mighty Eagle’s dojo. When you gain enough mastery, your birds gets stronger. Think of it as XP for your headgear. Those level ups or rank ups (whatever you wanna call them) gives you 2% health and attack boost. Trust me, those help out a lot in the longer run.

    Winning Guy

    The challenge comes in earning the snoutlings to buy Mastery. As you grind for snoutlings, you also gain XP.


    I have the same problem as you now, I think it has something to do with one of the latast updates. But trust me, king pig castle is a piece of cake compared to what is coming up….


    @azurleo Please note that @etpio and me have — very recently — been discussing one strategy for overcoming this problem (in another thread). It may or may not be of interest to you.

    Please help me

    However, this strategy is really only workable for individual — and problematic — battles. It’s not a game strategy.

    Acquiring more mastery (levels) is really your only long-term solution to this problem. Just as @datguygamer has described.

    Good luck!

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