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  • In case anybody was thinking of dropping their whole stash on the PVP Golden Pig one night, here is how I fared. In retrospect, I would rather have spent it on the normal Golden Pig for weapons or just XP.


    Rolls = 65
    GP spent = 305

    Set Items = 2 (one was on a guaranteed roll, so more like one)
    *** and wouldn’t you know, I got duplicate Blazing Cloth! what a bummer

    Purple Pennant = 2
    Pueple Cloth = 7
    Purple Patches = 14

    King’s Snout = 10
    Feathered Egg = 5
    Banana = 5
    Mighty Cauldron = 3

    Various Shields (Red, Black etc.) = 6
    Apathy = 2
    Drain LIfe = 1
    Spikes = 2
    I’m missing some Emblems, but only because they don’t stick out. Nothing more worth mentioning.

    In summary, for those of you looking exclusively for set items, good luck and get ready to buy some gold. I spent months worth of collected gold on this spree, and it only net ONE set item because the other one was a guaranteed. And seriously, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but what are the odds of getting a duplicate set item within 5 spins? I’ve had this happen before, but never documented it….

    Good luck on that pig!


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  • TomC

    The Rainbow Riot on the regular Golden Pig isn’t any good either; I got quite a few 0-star items and no set items even with five 20 LC spin haha.


    @davidj0525 @tomc — There is a forum thread on the GP in the original game. It sounds like the arena GP may have even worse odds. I’m not playing the arena, so I don’t have any data.
    Suggest you send your data directly to Rovio.


    @tomc 5 spins is an insignificant data set. Check the thread that @mvnla2 mentioned, we’ve accumulated a lot more data than that.


    The odds on the GAPM are 10% since there are 10 possible set items. You had some incredibly bad luck there. I got 4 set items out of 18 spins during rainbow riot on the GAPM a week ago. One was a duplicate. I have since gotten 2 more, but one was guaranteed. My luck on the GPM has been almost as bad as yours on the GAPM, but at least it only cost me 3 LC/spin.


    The first filling of the rainbow bar gave me 4 different set items. I paid 75 LC to spin 15 times during the Riot and got zero items. The other 35 spins were all free ones, and never at the riot, but gave me all the items. On average I got a set item for each 9 free, no increased odds, spins and 0 for 15 paid tripled odds ones. Conclusion: I don’t intend to spend not even a single LC more on Arena’s GP.

    apart I’ve only read people complaining about the Arena Riot. It may be that people only write to complain but sometimes it is a complete rip off. Something that intrigues me is why people keep sinning/spending after a big number of tries with zero good results…


    @jorge-freeman-1 That made me realize something. Lucky Coins are a game of chance. If you don’t take that chance you don’t get much. Another thing that pulls you into spending more money to get more CHANCES.


    @jorge-freeman-1 I’ve only spent 5 LC on the GAPM and that was on accident because I also think it is a waste to spend LC there. I got most of my spins by watching free videos. I was lucky last week where some glitch in my game let me keep watching videos to get free spins during rainbow riot. In my case I’ve gotten at least 3 times as many set items during rainbow riot.

    I’ve read many times where people complained about the rainbow riot on the GPM.

    If people were to spend money on the GAPM. In my opinion they should only do it when they are in the Diamond league because any set item or other item is going to be weaker than what they would get in the top league.


    If you want to maximize your chances for getting a good item for the GPM and GAPM, one tip is to not kill the golden pig ASAP on the 7th day even though the sound it constantly makes might be annoying. You should wait for the watch a free video to queue up on one or both machines and possibly wait for the free spin you might get from Piggy McCool. Of course you don’t want to wait till past midnight and lose the golden pig. Once those options are available you should kill the golden pig so you can use your free spins during rainbow riot. I think this technique works for both types of free spins in the GAPM, but it does not give you the 3x bonus when you spin on a friend’s GPM.


    @killerkea Yes it would be better but with all the cheaters in the game its impossible to get. Plus once you do you will get knocked right back down because nobody can compete except OTHER cheater.


    One additional item to note is that even set items from the GAPM received in lower leagues are weak when compared to the same items received in higher leagues, so IF a player were inclined to spend LC in that manner, they should wait until they have reached at least Gold league IMO. Otherwise they will end up being very disappointed in their end result.

    Also, the league is for a limited 12 week duration. It will be interesting to see what happens to banner items at the end of it. Will all players start next league at the beginning again, with a HUGE advantage to those with high level banner items from this go around, or do we all start again from scratch, or are new leagues set up based on the level attained this time???????


    @burbman Where did you read that the league was only 12 weeks? I hadn’t seen that anywhere.


    @hack1ge – tap the top of the totem pole in the arena section and above the listing of the various leagues, you will see that we are now in week 6 of 12 in the current series.

    I do wonder what happens with all the acquired gear for the arena after the arena event is over. Makes you think about what you’re spending your lucky coins at…

    A word of advice to everyone:


    At least not until we know for certain that it will be usable in future events or the regular game somehow.


    I spent 20 LC just for the heck of it. Some were good. Some were bad. Only one , Vampiric Banner , is worth a mention. But, like I said , there were only 4 Rolls over all. Well, another 2 rolls were Free, so six in total .


    Time for some threadcromancy.

    Spent 200 LC on the GAPM this morning, forty rolls during rainbow riot. Got one set item. Apparently triple chance equals 2.5% today. Worst payout from a GPM for me ever.

    The only plus is that I got the blessed idol and completed my set. First blessed set in 23 weeks of play. Gave it a spin and was very pleased with the results.


    @tigerussell Some bad luck there, mate. I’ve never spent a single cent of real world money or any lucky coins on arena gear. I just get super lucky free rolls, I think. Using a platinum level “Blessed” set and diamond level “Vengence” emblem at the moment… after reading your post, I feel even luckier!

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