• I promoted Starscream ENERGONS with sparks 3 times and now he has NO POWERS! He barely can knock down the candy canes? Anyone else have this problem? The sparks take away the powers!!!

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  • The Dark Knight

    it’s not the sparks but the transformer it self that is been nerfed.


    Yes, they nerfed him. We will probably have to promote several different TF’s so we have one that works.

    The Dark Knight

    I am not promoting any transformer to be honest the all sparks BS is out of this world… Promote 500 soarks each transformer and thats all. I don’t see reason to buy sparks bundles when those sparks aren’t doing enything special while you running a normal map node…


    They nerfed him horribly. He’s as bad as Jazz and the Bumblebees now. His shoulder pads are worthless and if that’s the case he must be even worse without them. I put some sparks into Dead End while he’s still good. They aren’t even doing a good job trying to scam us now. Why would anyone spend money on any bot now when they could be nerfed any day?


    Rovio are slowly killing this game unfortunately


    They are slowly killing all of their games. Epic is just insulting now. Seasons won’t load on iOS (since the christmass update), GO was completely rebooted and all earned carts were stolen, etc. why would anyone pay them a cent at this point because they will ultimately find a way to steal any progress made.


    It’s OK they’ve done the same to Thundercracker reduced his fire power so low that I’ve been killed 3 times by the flying pigs as he does nothing to them, you can get away with killing 1 flying pig but if there are more than 1 forget it as you will be killed.



    Please fix E Starscream.


    Yes…they totally destroyed Starscream who I used as my second character in Jenga where he would wipe out everything easily and max score was almost always achieved – now he can barely knock out anything. This is so unfair (as I’ve fully accessorized him and he was very powerful). Just about done with this whole unfair mess of a game.

    I really don’t have a clue why they do this…do they enjoy frustrating everyone? Is that fun for Rovio? I wish they would F*** less with this game and instead figure out how to stop the hacking in all their other Angry Birds rip off games that I’m hooked on where the winner always has an unachievable score that’s twice as much as the second score….they can’t even fix that or more likely, don’t give a rip.


    I ran into the same thing as Energon Starscream was my go-to competition bot.
    After building up his Energon, I had to go back to building up Grimlock to be competitive.


    Sorry I’m late on this as I don’t get on the forums much but Starscream was SO good and then all of a sudden he’s almost as bad as the little reds and yellows. I checked on upgrades and don’t see anything that would get him to his former awesome power. I guess Rovio didn’t like us kicking the events rear-end with it.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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