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  • I just noticed this morning:
    wingman(2) = 60 coins
    power potions(2) = 40 coins
    king slings(2) = 30 coins
    birdquakes(2) = 30 coins
    sling scopes(2) = 20 coins

    I don’t buy in bulk so I don’t know if those prices went up also.

    when did this happen?

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  • PJ

    can anybody tell me how many coins you us to get for 9.99 and 19.99. I can’t believe Rovio had gotten so greedy they decided to charge more money for coins. REALLY!!

    Fran Tintelnot

    Same thing happened to me! I hate spending money on these games, then get surprised that they are giving a certain percentage more only to find out they increased the price of the powerups. Half the powerups don’t do what they are suppose to anyway. Especially the Wingman…sometimes I think it is the weakest of all birds.


    maybe they think the daily ‘spin and win’ will take the sting out of those increases


    It’s terrible!!! WHY did they raise the amount of coins for power ups!!! Greedy!!!!!


    Not only did the coin cost for power ups increase but the cost of coins(if you buy them) did as well.The last time I bought coins was a couple of months ago when they had a big sale. It was originally $79.99 for 33,000 coins and they were offering the package for 40% of so I ended up paying $47.99. Now they want the same $79.99 for only 24,000 coins and that’s the best best value package so I have to believe,there will be a significant decline in number of players in the upcoming months and what the hell is up with the music & profanity associated with this weeks friends tournament.I don’t even have children and find it offensive! I have to believe there are parents out there that are going to prohibit their children from playing.I’m not a big time gamer but my friend introduced to AB about 3 years ago and was instantly hooked and is the ONLY game I play but IMO,Rovio is heading in the wrong direction.


    I didn’t catch that Rovio had increased the price for coins in addition to Power-ups. I haven’t bothered to figure out the increase, percentage-wise. NOT HAPPY.

    Some of their other games offer a weekly “Happy Hour” which extends from Friday afternoon to 11pm. During that time, you can buy coins at half price and use one or two Power-ups for free.
    ABF hasn’t even offered a Redemption Code in ages.
    I might just leave as well!

    Jed Bramwell

    WHOA! big coinage jump for power-ups! A bit rude since AB Friends was completely laggy and almost unplayable for a month on macs recently and the only solution AB offered was to say, don’t play it on a computer. Used to love this game, now it just make me angry.


    they just almost doubled again they PRICE of Power ups…what is going on?

    first they raised they wingman cost from 230 for 4,000 coins to 6,000 now just now august 21 reraise to 10,000 that is over a 125% increase…what the heck is happening…is everyone else seeing this?


    While I think that Rovio has the right to raise their prices (after all, they are a business), I agree with Jed that it was not good customer relations after having all the problems with the game on Macs. I lost alot of powerups with that fiasco, and for Rovio to raise their prices right after that is pouring salt in my wounds.


    I’d never pay for coins to begin with, so to raise the power ups is more than likely driving players away. I’ll find a different game that has nothing to do with rovio


    Don’t understand the big jump for getting Wingman. Costs 100 for 2!!


    Good News! Rovio is listening to our concerns over the price increase. @wingmanjuan (Rovio ABF rep) said we should be seeing some adjustments shortly.

    Norman England

    Rovio is listening? It’s been a month and nothing I can figure out has changed or been addressed. The price increase is literally for the birds and has turned Friends into a bait and switch game as it’s impossible to get a competitive score without power-ups.

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