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  • So i was playing angry birds friends, i reached the diamond league this week and in lvl 5 of week 151 i got 178k wich is very good. Im in second place in that level but the first guy named’ OWE’ has 268k wich is inpossible to get.
    Searched a few videos on youtube and the highest score i found was 180k.
    I’d like to know what you guys think.

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  • AngryAxl

    Been reading a few topics on this forum and it seems alot of hackers will appear in diamond league. Wich means ill stop buying PU’s because theres no point anymore.
    I’ve been the fist in all of the leagues untill now its impossible to beat this one guy.
    Its sad that people cheat.
    And the diamond sling isnt really good to be honest.


    Sounds like someone abusing a glitch discovered which gives you 50 points per throw of jingles, and unlimited wingman throws. It takes a couple hours to rack up 100k at that rate.


    thanks for the comment, you declared yourself a cheater, did you not?https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/is-ab-tournament-scores-true-absolutely-no/#new-post


    Since there are so many blatant cheaters in Angry Birds friends tournament, what I do is each week I play to the best my ability until I think I have the highest score possible. then I come to this website and I check the walk-throughs to see if I missed anything. most of the time I find one or two levels where I can improve my score with a different strategy. after I do that I look at my totals. I assume generally looking at the scores for each level that are advancing a few hundred points or so at a time, but then you get the one that goes up 10,000 or 20,000 or 30,000, usually that score and anything above that score is where the cheater’s league starts. i’ve been in diamond for probably two months now but as I said I do as well as I can and then I don’t keep throwing away power ups once I see what the scores are averaging. also I think a good idea for spotting cheaters once I’ve gotten to what I think is the best I can do allowing 10,000 points more per level which would be 50,000 total. scores that have 50,000 or more than I do I would generally consider those to be impossible.
    NOTE: there are some levels that I just don’t like. if I get an average score or a little bit above average score and I don’t like the level, I’ll stop there, so my scores for that one level may bring down my average a little bit, but I also factor that in when I’m figuring total score comparison.
    keep in mind the whole purpose of playing a game is to have fun. if you have fun grinding away doing the same level over and over and over and over, then go for it. don’t look at what other people are doing. don’t let other people’s scores take away your fun.


    Thanks for the comment!
    But the thing is i really do enjoy playin ABF but it seems pointless to me now to keep buying PU’s now.
    I bought some in the past when i needed them during the leagues.
    And i won all of the leagues untill now.
    All the cheaters only appear in the diamond league i guess.
    Never seen one in my league before because i finished in first place every single week.
    I still enjoy playing against friends but theres much more coins to win in the league.
    Im @ second place now in diamond league so yea instead of earning 2000 on the end of the week it will be 1000 due to cheaters.
    Wich annoys me. Ill run out of coins that way and i won’t buy any more.
    Greets from belgium

    Dixi 60

    Even with Facebook Frinds ou can land up with one player taking first spot week after week no matter how much money ou how at PU’s. Rovio will start taking as much as 18 and 20 points off you if ou fall below a certain level in Diamond League where I suggest you are right about hackers.

    Rovio emailed me this today after I requested they re-consider the punitive action of reducing players points as I explained above. Obviously they missed my point and replied thus :

    “As a company we have decided to treat our players equally – regardless of whether they have spent $0 or $2000 in our games. Thus your request of treating paying customers differently will most likely not happen in the near future.

    If we would stop reducing points from players on the bottom of their League groups, it would end in a situation where all players would be on Diamond tier. In that case there would no longer be “good players” or “bad players” as everyone would be on the same level. That would make the whole League system obsolete, and we would have spent months of continuous game development for nothing.”

    I replied thus:

    “You totally missed my point – I am not asking to be treated differently to any other client – I’m asking to be treated fairly by Rovio. The points I gathered to reach my Diamond score of 670 were paid for in hard cash buying power-ups. In my opinion Rovio is being unfair by deducting points on a weekly basis (20 in one week) that cheats or clients who spend thousands of $$$’s overtake me in the League. Because I don’t cheat I am at a disadvantage even though I have supported Rovio by purchasing power-ups. My low weekly scores result in Rovio taking punitive action against me by stealing my hard earned and bought points.

    I have no issue with not advancing in the League but I object to my hard worked and paid for for points being removed. Rovio should view the points earned via power-ups as goods sold.

    It’s not necessary to constantly demote players to sort good players from bad players – all you are doing is turning paying clients into non-paying clients or cheats. This contradicts what you claim that Rovio treats all clients the same. You don’t. What happens week after week is a certain person wins the 1200 coins each week – possibly by cheating. Add more levels for clients to aspire to instead of putting the ceiling at Diamond Level. If everyone is treated the same everyone should reach Diamond Level.

    In the interests of fair play, a level playing field, and equality between all players Rovio should provide power-ups free to all players. This will dis-incentivise those cheats using hacks and third party software to cheat and gain leverage over your paying clients and give everyone, including the so-called purists, the same chance at high scores. With the present system there are three distinct tiers of players – Cheats with high scores, paying clients – with mediocre scores and non-paying clients low scores. There must be other ways Rovio can charge clients for using their products.

    How does Rovio as a company see fairness in a world of unfairness created by themselves.
    What incentive does Rovio give paying clients to continue supporting the company if they are treated the same as a non-paying clients?

    As far as everyone getting into the same League level – well that’s ridiculous! Extend the number of levels. I suggest you use gemstones since you have diamond already – ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, tanzanite, zircon, peridot, etc. There are so many to choose from.

    Please escalate my concerns and complaints upwards in the company to the highest level in Rovio. ”


    Yup cheaters they suck


    Yup cheaters they suck

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