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  • So recently Rovio started showing some ads on Facebook advertising a “new” ab game which in this case is Epic. The Facebook page of the game was also “revived” and is currently accessible (probably so that they can run the ads). Along with the ads and the FB page being up again, there is also a GeekLab page for the game in which you can submit a survey with some questions. This is done just to see how many people would actually play/download the game so they can see if it would benefit them if they brought it back. In case anyone wants to submit the survey or check out the GeekLab page and/or the ads, I will be leaving all the links below:

    AB Epic GeekLab page (click the install button to take the survey): https://geeklab.app/store/gp/6336dd0eb1693

    AB Epic ad: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?id=3275959739309315

    AB Epic Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/angrybirdsepic

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  • Mr. Pollo

    Yeah, they did the same thing with Evolution during the same time. I filled out both surveys around a week ago and the Epic one redirected me to the Android AB2 page and the Evolution one redirected me to Evolution when I completed them. I hope they do make Epic public again since it uses Unity, so it shouldn’t be impossible to port it to a new version.

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