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  • I have some 4- and 5-star birds β€” Carson, Byron, Captain Freedom, Dutch, Matilda, Bette, Billie, Darlene, Jacquie, Kowalski, and Zain β€” which I will superevolve when they meet the requirements. Knowing there are two options, which ones are more reliable? And is it possible to switch between superevolutions, provided you have the required materials, or do you have to hatch a whole new bird to choose the other option?

    I superevolved El Gigante and Paige to their Strong Yellow and Blue Dominions, respectively, because I thought “Strong” had more pop than “Extended.” Oh, and, much to my ignorance, I realised Paige had an Extended Blue Dominion super-option β€” the one shown on the game’s title screen β€” before evolving her. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why I didn’t see any players, myself included, with that option.😏😏😏 I do like the punk look on Strong Blue though, reminds me of Katy Perry.😊 And it’s quite reliable to boot!

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    You have to have another bird altogether to have the different super evolution.

    Also, I’d pick Huge explosion for Dutch. Not as strong, but you can get more hits this way.


    For Matilda, I prefer the super evolution that “pulls pigs toward her” rather than leaving damage on the ground for future rounds. Β In PVP, this allows you to send her Super Shot between several pigs and have them all drawn into the damage (much like Chuck). Β Delayed damage over time can work against you in PVP as pigs may die on the opponent’s turn causing damage to you.


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    I evolved Matilda Magnetize. It pulls the pigs toward her, and I have no regrets. It’s terrific. It pulls all the pigs toward her, even if they are not in direct path of her. As fr Billie, Big power up punch is what I was recommended fr a person who’s been playing fr day 1. I’m happy I listen to them. That is what I evolved Billie as.

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