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  • This event has all Bumblebee’s / Bumblebee’s Variant / Rodimus Accessories with top prize the Rodimus itself.


    Good luck,


    Over and out!

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  • Deszaras

    This one is even worse than the last. Those poison boxes explode no matter how careful you are. You can’t even finish the run unless you use healthbot.

    Luis C.

    Dude… I couldnt even finish ONE SINGLE RUN…. WTF….? This is really screwed up.



    Do we get an energonicon? This migt be the wrong event to unleash my purple crown UM. I will fire it up once, with healthbot, and see how it goes.


    3 tries- 3 deaths. Hmmm…….


    So why are the poison TNT boxes killing us? Never has a TNT or variant caused damage to us.

    Luis C.

    Somebody at the FB sugested the Healthbot, thing is… there better be a whole bunch of energon cubes available cause we are gonna need them dearly.

    BTW, what if you don’t have the Healthbot ? great thinking Rovio !

    The Dark Knight

    There is also and the Shieldor in the past it was my best friend!


    Well, I did my first 4 runs. I tired two runs with Glassor and died both times. (Second time was an accident. I forgot to switch energonicons)

    Two runs with Healthpack went well. That definitely worked for me this time


    Shieldor works fine.

    Offensive energonicons are useless because the poison sparks automatically hit.  They work the same way as the health crates.


    I’ve only died once so far. The trick is to have the healthbot but not use it too often but not be too stingy about it. Say if you have charged it up two slots you don’t want to have been hit by the poison blocks more than three or four times before you restore health.  You could also used the bot once for every cube you collect and every two poison block hits. Avoiding the poison blocks is a little tough to do because they do count as TNT and get you 15 points each–other rounds this event should be ‘easier’ to avoid them when TNT doesn’t get you points.

    I’m not going to try to hard on this one: I have all the accessories and bots this round and have not been too interested in overpowering. I haven’t sparked up many of the ultimate bots squad and I’m not too sure I should use what I’ve saved up to do so; it will get me more points for tokens but I’m not sure if being able to over power a bot is worth it.


    Interesting.  Even when you die, you still get your event points (including bonus).


    Oh so that’s why I lost all my lives in a matter of seconds. I was seriously like WTF. I don’t need any of the available accessories, just adding sparks so I am not going to be trying too hard


    So there must be a bunch of hidden poison blocks hidden behind things that I can’t see because I’m losing major health when I’m not even hitting the poison boxes…I know there seems to be a pretty significant delay but I just died when I was walking along and not even shooting anything. Do they have spark run damage rules now?


    Using UMegatron
    1st run: Only one poison box so got through easily
    2nd: Boss Pig, died quickly
    Video recharged UM
    3rd: Killed by poison boxes
    Video recharged
    4th: Boss Pig, died even quicker
    Hour later switched to using Grey Slam Grimlock
    5th: Poison boxes take off twice as much for GSG as they did to UM
    Hour later back to using UM this time with Healthbot
    6th: Survive but score is low

    Good thing I’m only getting the sparks.


    UM’s acid rounds are an issue.  It’s destroying poison crates that you’re not targeting.

    Drover’s Dog

    As usual I barged straight in without reading the event screen then wondered why I died mid-run so I used gems and got through. 2nd run got through with a smidgen of health left. 3rd run died, used gems then died again but didn’t use gems and was awarded the points!!! Prior to 4th run I read the event screen and used Healthbot instead of Glassor. Made the world of difference and got through easily. Timing of using Healthbot will depend on the number of the run’s energon structures .

    Even though I have all accessories, I will collect sparks and overpower at least one of the bots but won’t be losing any sleep or use more than 2 recharges per day.


    What bugs me is that if anything destroys a poison box, you take damage.  Watched a monolith fall on a poison box and suddenly I’m taking poison damage when I’m not shooting anything.  It seems like a cheap way to get you to use gems to continue.


    @optimuspig you always get the points plus bonus when you die but they just don’t add to your leaderboard position until you complete a run without dying.


    Dying isn’t something I do, so this is new to me.

    This event is terrible! I’m only playing for sparks, but getting killed right away on my first three out of four runs is ridiculous. The poisonous TNT blocks deal out way too much damage. When I read that the poison blocks hurt you, I was expecting only 10%-20% damage to my Transformer’s armor/health, NOT 50%-100% DAMAGE! One to two hits from poison blocks, and my bots were down and out for the count, especially Energon Grimlock, who, in general, tends to take on more damage due to being energon-fueled. In one of my runs, I spend 10 gems to instantly revive him and keep going. He doesn’t take more than one to two steps before he is struck down again by one, I repeat, ONE poison block. That is just utterly ridiculous. And there weren’t even enough Energon Structures around for me to be able to compensate for the damage. What Rovio/Exient should have done with this event is that they should have also included the health-pack-type TNT blocks so that players at least have a fighting chance against the poison blocks. This event is not worth spending on, and, yet, it seems to be nearly impossible to stay alive during an event run without having to spend gems.

    I’ve heard that some of you have had success against the poison blocks by using defensive Energonicons. I intend to look into that possibility, but the Energonicons are only effective if there are enough Energon Structures around.


    On the other hand, my level 25 bots are helping me immensely. XD


    I have an idea!  Don’t hit the poison blocks! Works for me;)


    I’m using UM and the Health Pack energonicon. Shieldor is somewhat helpful, but it still too risky to take damage.

    I enountered Boss Pig once and I was successful on running from him without getting killed. Of course the score was very low, but at least I didn’t had to recharge after this run. I didn’t dare to hit any poison blocks on the way.

    I don’t know about Unicron yet, but I’m sure that I will be unable to defeat him without a proper energonicon.

    I got killed once. I was already damaged, and I hit a group of TNT blocks. I got killed almost instantly. I didn’t recharged to continue the run. I will not recharge this time, I just need the sparks, and maybe one upgrade (not overpower).


    Shieldor (somewhat) it’s useful too. If you activate it just after the poison crate exploded, you don’t get hurt. So far this helped my in most runs.

    But probably Healthbot is a better option.


    Although I prefer Healthbot instead of Shieldor, in some cases Shieldor is definitely better. I destroyed a structure with at least three poison TNT crates, and I had no chance to heal, it was an instant kill. Shieldor would have provided protection.

    Also, Shieldor is available by default, so it is the only option for some players.

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