Playable Arena and fixed Calendar after discontinuation

  • Believe it or not there is a way to play Arena AND revert back to the old calendar with the actual prizes. As of today a person named “Oksari” discovered that if you change your date to June 7th 2020 you can revert to the old calendar and have a fully working arena. There is a video on how to do it, here :

    HOWEVER as of now there isn’t anyone that managed to do it on a real Android device. Everyone who has succeded at this method used Bluestacks (for those who are unaware, it’s an Android emulator for PCs). Also be aware that in order to do this you will need to have a fresh copy of the game with no progression on it so make sure you have a Rovio Account to not lose your progress.

    UPDATE: As it turns out it is infact possible to do it on your Android device.

    UPDATE (20/7/2022): The tutorial video no longer exists because the Youtube channel of the person is banned.

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  • Chicken Lover

    That’s a cool discovery! I mighty try it soon since I use Bluestacks for playing Epic anyways.

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