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  • if at all.

    The last couple of days I have noticed that all the pigs seem to have a force field around them that allows them to roll forever before having to finally fall over a ledge to their demise or if they’re in a box of wood or stone, they can bounce to the ground without popping. Being touched by a roling bird, especially blues, does not pop them in most instances.

    When I use a Chili spell and two pigs are almost right next to each other, the one that isn’t lit on fire does not immediately pop, but only does so after a second of hesitation. :/

    Inflating the pigs makes them stick to anything like glue or they just disappear without causing any damage. I have seen the super large pigs hanging almost sideways off structures and they don’t pop or fall or they bunch together and they only push each other and the structure but dont pop. Here is an example from a bit ago.

    The other day, two pigs that were stacked almost on top of each other on tiny balloons were hit with a pig inflater and they overlapped. I took a screenshot but I cant find it.

    Just more tweaks by Rovio that cheat the player.

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