Overpower is a complete hoax

  • just to see what happens, I upgraded Dead End from level 18 to level 23 (supposedly 166%) – then I did a spark run.  He actually performed worse than at level 18…lost lives quicker and couldn’t even destroy a walking mortar tower.  This game is a total cheat and disappointment.  A complete money grab and false advertising.

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  • Raizir

    it depends on how the over power levels distributed,

    It could have been distributed like this:

    Firepower: +5

    Defense: +5

    Driving Power: +30


    Note: The chances of this being the case, however, are fairly slim. In addition, I have yet to try out the Overpower levels (which, for future reference, I will be refering to them as “Overclock Levels”, due to the latter sounding cooler).


    Interesting.  I haven’t upgraded any bot past  level 18, but I haven’t seen any improvement whatsoever from 15-18.  I also don’t see how the higher levels of overpowering can be attained without hacking or spending major cash.  How many tokens/gems does it take to get from 18 to 23?


    My level 19 deadend rips through the spark run.  He feels like the pre-nerfed version.  Maybe you just got one of those really hard runs that randomly pops up?

    Do you have him accessorized?  I have a ton of extra damage and defense from leveled up accessories.


    I did notice when upgrading bots that level 12 was pants compared to 11, or even 9. Going further evened things out. Perhaps a grey area


    Best thing is to do nothing. If everyone did nothing, angry birds would be very angry.


    Why does everyone have more money than me?


    I spent major cash just to prove a point.  Bought tokens.  Yes, I already know I’m an idiot.


    I spent major cash just to prove a point.  Bought tokens.  Yes, I already know I’m an idiot.  Completely accessorized.



    It is quite confusing. There are other people that could reach level 25 with many bots, and they could confirm that the bot is better that before.

    I really can’t notice any difference, because my most leveled bot is level 17, and I don’t think I will get past level 18 at most.

    Maybe @pandaczar12 is right and you just picked a really hard run. My Dead End usually can reach half of the spark run, but there were times where I was killed before finishing the first part.


    I don’t have any TF higher than L17.

    Don’t really notice any significant difference on any of my Overpowered TFs.

    It would be nice if the power scales on the character screens actually updated when we Overpower, same way they go up progressively from L1 to L15.


    Deadend was never known for high defense even after Overpowering up to LV 25. Same case with Energon variants (because they receive 2x damage). Another thing is they increased the difficulty of Spark Run.

    My Lv 25 Soundwave can be hit multiple times by Falling Monoliths with no damage received. I remember there were times that I can finish a Spark Run level with him alone.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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