• is anybody else sick of seeing players using the same items? heck, i’m sick of seeing my birds with the same items all the time.

    The items need an upgrade, not to make them individually more powerful, but to create some kind of “combo” effects/skills.

    We get items from monster events and slots, but the ones we are all looking for are items with:
    SS panel appearance
    SS bird-panel matching boosts
    SS winning-streak boosts
    and sometimes random SS angry panels appearance

    There are many A items, or even C items, that I want to use, because I like their sprites/design/look.
    but I don’t use them because they suck and they are not practical.

    Rovio should find a way to make these items useful. I know every game has crappy items that nobody wants, but in this game, the only items everybody wants are the ones with the skills I just mentioned.


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  • Veggie

    And exactly thats why all the events and Arenas become useless once you got the “original” items from the slot


    @ TomT:

    hope this is not you:

    just ran in to him… 2 sabbotages, 3000+ defence and 450 attack…yeah sure


    HA, no, not me. I use Romania flag.

    and I didn’t play this Chuck arena, because like I said, there is really no point to get all this pig weapon. I only want appearance-rate boost and matching-panel boost.

    Unless these pig weapons has effect against monster pigs, otherwise, really no point, I think.


    Ok that’s good to hear! Hopefully you won’t ran in to him..ended my 7 winning streak :(



    I kind of lost interest in this game. Did you see the prizes for the baseball monster pig, sighs, more piggies?? Well, I wouldn’t have much use for boats either. They just keep giving out more and more powerful boats. Do you remember that anime Dragon Ballz? They keep introducing stronger and stronger characters, and finally, the show couldn’t go on anymore.

    I don’t want more piggies, I want to keep my piggies at low levels, so I can WIN!!! It’s much easier to win when you are in or around level 20.

    When you have level 35 players getting matched up with level 50 players with insane items, the match is pretty much over.



    This monster event’s items are pretty weak. I don’t think I’ll keep a single item. I mostly play now to finish leveling my birds and to collect gems. I am still waiting to get those elusive poker cards. They are the only golden panel item I don’t have.



    The prices of this monster event are indeed crap. Maybe the ranking price for chuck could be helpful, but I already have 4 star guitar. Using the new red boat from last event now, the mast that came with it is crap. But with these prices I don’t have to spend to much time, top 1000 is more the enough.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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