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  • This was the MEBC scoreboard this morning.  None of those accounts were banned.

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  • AngryBoston

    Yes, I noticed it as well. If you check those players, appear to be pretty legit players (Leaders, Co-Leads, just regular guys, everyone with impressive star ranking). So the only guess I have – in some detail of the game, there was some glitch exploited (like the ones we already know whenever stones thrown in lava type of rooms, that keep adding bunch if points, or some bird/stone/wood destroys next room you even haven’t started yet).

    Because to check the balance of your income/expense it terms of everything is pretty much easy for support engineer, whoever gets banned – these guys use some third party apps/tools, or override some data. If that would be the case – yesterday’s leaders would have been gone.



    Soon enough we will hear about the exploit or whatever it was. Never the less these numbers can’t be right and Rovio guys are in ambulance reception right now I guess :)

    Yes this would be due to the ‘lava level glitch’ or whatever you want to call it, when a part of a structure continues to hit the triggers for the boulders, or if two of them continue to trigger one another causing the room to continue on and on, racking up lots and lots of points.

    You can’t call it cheating but it’s certainly not fair that the game mechanics allow the room to continue on like that. It’s never happened to me but, if I’m being totally honest, if it did I would be grateful for it, because I’d feel like I’ve finally had a chance to get some decent points after so many years of playing and feeling hard done by when other problems have occured for me.


    Lol, I noticed that yesterday too. I thought it was more messages from #crushtheclones! who changes name often and gets banned regularly (providing me with a small surge of admiration each time). I could not figure out the clan membership part providing legitimacy, but thought another area in the data file may have been figured out. It does not seem statistically reasonable to have so many impossible scores on the same day due to a bug . I have watched this list closely for a couple months now  (don’t know why)  and haven’t noticed any crazy high scores like this before.



    when u were in a lava room and got enough luck to have one tiny pig left sitting on the trigger….well, charge your device and wait for hours…you would see your score high enough…whenever the tiny pig jump, the trigger start……..


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