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  • New scoring, new arena, new ways to spend money… Come on, Rovio, test a game and make decisions before we invest ourselves!

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  • Sutekh137

    At least three-starred levels remain finished — no way I am going to redo levels for that accomplishment.

    Really scratching my head as to why they changed scoring so drastically. Did they simply multiply all scoring avenues by some factor between 4 and 6? Weird.




    Do we know the maximum level with the progress of stars ?


    This game has gone from weird to bizarre. The already inexplicable scoring system is wacko with the new multi million points levels. Who had that as an item on their wish list?

    Playing in the arena against another “player” doesn’t feel realistic at all. It feels like playing some bot who puts up arbitrary scores. A round starts off with my score being a fraction of the oppenents and then me slowly playing catch up and perhaps catching him in the last stage. Doubt if I will play any more tournaments.


    I think the new point system is so that you get more points for better birds. I know they said that higher ranked birds scored more, but I never saw any difference. After the previous update, I couldn’t get three stars on level 122 because they reduced the number of rooms. I even went back when I had better birds. No dice. After this update, I three-starred it easily.

    The new tournament system is creepy, in my not-so-humble opinion. :P I’m still playing it out of curiosity more than anything.


    Count me as frustrated and about to quit AB2.
    I got an email saying one of my top scores was beaten, by about a factor of 3!!
    I figured it must have been some cheat mode, but no. An inexplicable change in the scoring system that has made all of my old scores moot.
    No way do I want to repeat all of those levels, though that seems to be the intent.
    AB2 has felt way more mercenary than usual on Rovio’s part.

    Ang Ryone

    The game definitely got more money-grabby. There are more commercials and more ways to let money speak.

    And yeah, I’m beating every high score out there because I’m the only one in Diamond League.



    Does anyone know how can I change my profile pic & name on AB2; Daily Tournaments?
    I don’t have any FB accounts but do have Google+ & a GMail acc.

    Thank you in advance!


    This is reminding me of the problems they had getting the AB Epic tournaments under control. This update has ruined the game for me.

    Just lost 4 straight arena battles by less than 10k points, and expect to be demoted week after week.


    No love (or use) for the new arena … I can clear every room with a strike and wipe everything clean from the playing area and opponents still win. All my birds are at level 5 except two at level 4 … I think I’ve won a total of two of these new arena battles … and I have no problems getting great scores and 3 stars in regular play. This is a disaster like the player versus player aspect of Angry Bird Epic.


    Welp this is the update that made AB2 go down the toilet. First Transformers. Then Epics PVP. Now this. Hmm I wonder what game is next…

    Orange Bubbles

    I don’t understand how anyone could think this was a good idea. Rovio is really getting insane. :P


    Opponent double points even though i strike and sweep the place clean…hmmm…


    some screenies showing max. levels now…

    AB2 Update Dec 2015

    After level 8, do NOT buy any premium Treasures, it’s a waste of gems.


    I found level 8 (diamond) highest level so far, which is 8x score multiplier;
    Annoyingly, I had a few gems spare and spent 80 on the Premium Chest, my Red was already level 8 and I just wasted 80, where as my Bomb was only level 7 and would have preferred the upgrade

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