• Can someone explain to me how to make yourself Offline, and what is the purpose of doing it? Also, how can I give GGs to other people?

    Thanks! !

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    During regular fights, when you go offline, you maintain your winning streaks, which is pointless if you ask me, because having winning does NOT do anything for you.

    IN THE PAST, during arena events, you could go offline to avoid losing your winning streaks, which could help you obtain higher scores.

    IN THE PAST, during arena events, if you went offline at an opportune moment, you could get double the score.

    I hate losers INTENTIONALLY going offline in order to keep their stupid winning streaks, which again, does NOTHING in regular fights. Please read my frustration below:

    Receive GG Daily Challenges


    Ways to go offline:
    1. Answer a phone call when you are in the middle of battle.
    2. Leave the app, then come back.
    3. Move your device to a bad connection area.
    4. Turn on airplane mode

    By retaining winning strikes longer you get higher fight points and you can finish some missions quicker.

    Example of missions: ‘Achieve 5 winning strikes’, or ‘Achieve 4 winning strikes with the blues’

    Personally, I prefer to leave the island mission, and come back it when my birds are in angry mode.



    Yes, but I’m talking about people with 15 or 20 winning streaks. Who are they trying to impress? They are simply abusing a bug and inconvenient other players.

    But hey, as Bender once said “Somebody handed me an angle, so I played it”.
    The bug is there, Rovio is not, or unable to, fixing it, so people use it.


    Is there a bug to make people to go offline? Cause that happens yo me when I am on a streak.

    It usually happens mid-game or near the end. Since rovio patched it to that there is a harsh damage/defense reduction to curb players from doing so, still when you get beat by this bug is fairly annoying.

    Either the game crashes or you get hit w/ a random offline and lose. It really irritates me when the opponent is significantly under geared and you magically lose to them.

    Or even worse is that even being under geared, your opponent did no specials/fevers, yet still has higher AP/DF. Like what the f.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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