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  • 7 Rooms.

    Yeah sure

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  • JezzaH99

    In fact I’m clearly doing something wrong. I saw on You Tube just now that someone had posted how to beat this level. Well for the first 6 rooms (out of 7!) there was a golden thingy (don’t know what it’s called) to get an extra bird.

    Well after three years of playing this game and after getting to level 1460 and Diamond League and FP of 260 odd I have NO idea how to generate these golden thingys. There obviously is a way of doing it because I have attempted level 1460 about 15 times so far and got to room 6 on about 8 occasions. And in all of those games I have never seen a golden thingy.

    So pray tell me how you get these golden thingys for an extra bird as obviously there is a way.

    Unless Rovio posted that cheat and obviously they cheated?




    Golden Pigs, as they’re known for, do fill up your Destruct-o-Meter to full once they’re broken- though breaking them isn’t necessary to clear a room. The chance of these guys spawning is pretty rare, especially for boss levels, and as the levels get harder the chances of the golden hog spawning seem to lower, so victory is now luck-based here on out.


    Eventually, with enough failures on any level, you will get a golden pig on every room in the level. The game goes into what is sometimes called the “pity mode.” When that happens, you will finish the level. Not sure how many failures it takes, but it will happen.


    From what I observed I would suggest those golden pigs appear as soon as you fling a bird without hitting anything. But this would be very useless in a boss level with seven panels and not a valid strategy.
    Could you post this video?


    I wouldn’t know how to post the video – sorry! But I googled it and found it


    Found the video – that guy is ridiculously lucky.
    Otherwise this boss level is made for the player to lose gems. But hey, why bother with the trail anymore? For those occasional 400 feathers…? No thank you.


    You’re not wrong!



    Some 20 times trying without gems, three times I ended up in sixth level, after that different strategy, 60 gems in sixth and 120 gems for seventh where two birds were suffucient… Hard though

    Currently having another go at this level. Very difficult indeed but with all of these levels in the past when I though “This is impossible, I can’t possibly pass it”, you just have to keep plugging away, plugging away, retry. retry and eventually you’ll get a lucky break and get close.

    By that time you will likely have collected enough gems in the background that spending 60 won’t be too much of an issue in order to get past and forget about it. I have never replayed difficult boss levels for this very reason. I’m glad to see the back of them and spending 60 gems isn’t such a pain just to get the heck past it and move on.

    I do get the argument around being forced to spend those gems though. ALL boss levels should be achievable without having to spend any gems at all.

    RIP Piggies

    It’s hard, but I think there’s been others that have been harder.


    Just keep trying.  Finally after a boatload of attempts, I got my share of Golden Pigs.  I completed 1460 with 6 birds left over.  Too bad that I cannot save them for other KP levels.

    Interesting, that after the recent mini update which introduced more levels, I was able to complete level 1460 without issue – I didn’t have to spend any gems for more birds either.

    Just sailed past level 1473 with no issue, and on target for level 1480 – I wonder what challenge awaits!

    Don’t bother spending gems on a map level…just be patient. ALL levels eventually give you golden pigs on every room. And if you still can’t finish the level, just try again. More golden pigs await. I have only spent gems to finish a level once, and it was because I had one of those rare treasure chests that pop up suspended mid-air . I must have been feeling very generous.

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