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  • Yesterday I kicked about 25 inactive members out of my clan. One or two joined up about 24 hours ago but since then nobody has joined. in the past whenever I’ve done this I get a bunch of new members within a few hours. I’ve gone to to Facebook forums and this forum to try to recruit members and nothing has happened. What is up with that?  It’s crash clan 16875.

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  • Salmotrutta9

    Like Bill Clinton said, I feel your pain.  We are going through the same thing in our clan.  I am about to kick 11 people out even though we might not get many recruits afterwards.  We are in a lull.  Come check out The J Squad.  We are always looking for active players.  Happy Flinging 🙂


    Being in top 100 MEBC helps with visibility. Sometimes, new members will appear after finishing a CvsC. Everyone is looking for good members.

    My clan, “We’re Old Gregg,” has a few openings right now, too. Clan #68881. We are usually top 100 in MEBC by the end of the season, but not currently.

    We don’t have a minimum flock power, but we do want players who play regularly. Check us out!


    Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully this week it will pick up.


    @cagier we’ve gone through the same thing with our clan, Fierce Feathers (#43412) on a couple of occasions, mostly when we kick out non-active members and our clan size falls below 25, but wait a few weeks and it goes back up to 50. I think less experienced players are put off clans with less members as they don’t understand it’s more about active participants. You could try a strategy of kicking out inactive members at maybe 1 or 2 a day over a period of time?


    Nik that is a good idea.  I’ll try that.

    London pigeons

    Currently looking for players to join my newly created clan its called london pigeons the higher the FP the better all welcome

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