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  • Really really disappointed. Having played for almost 5 years, I’m nearly ready after the most recent upgrade to delete the app. Game takes back some things we already had and makes other things more expensive. Some examples:

    50000 coins is now 2000 tokens in token exchange, not 500

    no spark available in token exchange

    Resources post-upgrade translate in to less resources than before so harder to upgrade. Went to upgrade Slipstream this AM, was asked for 228 gems to upgrade (level 13) because I had insufficient resources though I had been saving up for the upgrade and had more than enough the night before. Took me most of the day to figure out how to earn back what I needed. (Did however get 100 loyalty gems. Whatever.)

    1273 coins to recharge all my characters though they had been fully recharged the night before and hadn’t been played yet

    Energicon upgrades – some were at two already, now I need to earn my way back to two from one

    The upgrade is a significant take back in many areas. It’s already hard enough to get through the Challenge Runs and now no gems appear to be earned during missions, only resources and coins.

    WTAF, Rovio?


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  • Dixie

    Damn game still has issues with doubling the points as the flipping video refuses to work and stops one gaining the points.  This along with ABT being so stingy with giving out anything at present takes away the thrill of the game making a total drudgery to use.  Downgrade [email protected]!#$#@ I suspect there are worse words for the state of play

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New upgrade is a downgrade

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