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  • There’s a new update for Season 7!


    Screenshot (Android):

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  • deindiaan


    I’ve installed this update and now the whole game is working fine again 🙂👌


    War pass season 7 has started.

    the characters are sergeant greenlight and sergeant Flamewar

    decide for yourself if your going to buy


    Oddly the pop up screen didn’t show up for me when I went to the war pass maybe they didn’t make one?


    Hmm.. I was able to buy the Sergeant Greenlight bundle and Sergeant Flamewar bundle with 1500 gems (before the offers disappeared). After upgrading the game to, I don’t see any issues at all. I played with both TFs in map nodes and as buddies, and I have not seen any problems or crashes!

    These TFs being offered as regular gem bundles must have been an accident since they should have been Prime Pass exclusive offers. It will be interesting to see what woudl happen if someone purchased Prime Pass if they already unlocked these 2 TFs. I was able to upgrade them to lvl 10 already and should be able to get them both upgraded to lvl 15 in another 20 days!


    I get an offer to buy the Prime Pass for Season 7. And although I have already Sergeant Flamewar and Sergeant Greenlight, the price is still the same.
    Well, I never buy those passes anyway.



    Deceptions win season 7!  What’s even the point?


    Makes no difference who wins anyway, does it?


    @soldeed yeap.

    R/E should ad real prize for winning side players EVERY season, not only one time quests. 10 Legendary crates will be enough :) or atleast 10 gold crates /two months.


    Lol, no, it doesn’t make any difference.   Just seems absurd to have a 60 day or whatever  “competition ” whose outcome is preordained on day 1.


    Glad I was able to collect the reward for “Win a Season with Autobots” achievement early on. It seems that is no longer possible as only Decepticons can win now.

    1. Season 1: AutoBirds win
    2. Season 2: AutoBirds win
    3. Season 3: Deceptihogs win
    4. Season 4: Deceptihogs win
    5. Season 5: Deceptihogs win
    6. Season 6: Deceptihogs win
    7. Season 7: Deceptihogs are probably going to win



Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Update – and War Season 7

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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