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  • The new update has been launched in some countries.  The hatchlings will be in a new jetpack mode where you complete obstacle courses and compete for high scores.  Also, a new event will make all feathers rainbow.

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    February 21, 2019 – v2.26.0 (Not Set / 1337)

    From Google Play:

    What’s New
    New event! The Hatchlings are learning to fly – with jetpacks! Pilot your Hatchling through a tricky aerial obstacle course to collect apples, and nab the highest score against players around the world.
    Also coming soon: Rainbow Rave! All feather rewards become Rainbow Feathers for a limited time. Use them to level up your favorite bird!


    Differences seen to old version so far (nothing earth shaking):

    – New splash screen

    – Downloads assets when game is started

    – Revamped hatchling screen (Timer gone missing! Hatchling card seems to be multiplier of how many active birds there are at a time. 8 with extra bird, 7 without?)



    You can Bet when this ‘hatchling event’ is actually introduced, it will just be another rovio spam for the hatchling game, and will end up costing a hell of a lot of resources to play it.

    That is why I din’t play those stupid hat events! They are designed to make us use 20 gems to play on, and exponentially higher gem loss to play on again.

    i guess rovio thinks everyone that plays AB2 is just stupid enough to use up gems and THEN spend real money on more. They are fools.


    After the first two hat events I’ve only played to get first chest, that is, level one. I’m stopping immediately after that. The waiting times for new tries are ridiculous.



    @sumobro, thanks for letting us know about the update. :)

    I am not looking forward to yet another event where you can’t complete it unless you spend gems aka real life money. And I wonder if the apples you are playing to win are in addition to the ones we can get now or if they will be in place of them.

    They better be in addition because I’m already missing out on 8 apples when I’m not able to get through the DC and KPP. :(

    I wish all feather rewards were rainbow feathers. Somehow, I leveled up Grey three times to level 93 and still haven’t leveled up red and bomb to level 90.


    idrgi, why they must include that ‘Downloads assets’? i afraid it could waste some gigabytes on my phone & also pc.


    The hatching jetpack thing is so stupid.

    And if anyone has looked at the scores, very odd that one person is currently sitting at 1,224,210 points, where #2 is at 292,818. The same player, with a Russian name of course, was at ~300,000 right after the hatching thing went live.


    I tried it a couple of times. Main reaction was “huh?” Seems like an arcade-type game. I’ll pass.

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