NEW SLINGS ARRIVED……….Your Favourite?

  • I tried the Diamond and Bouncy green and yellow sling, there is definitely a use for them but not in this weeks League. It’s going to take a while to get used to these two maverick slings.

    I must admit to reverting back to the trusty gold power sling and jingle sling – still my two favourites at this time.

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  • dmsral

    I don’t see where the bouncy sling provides much extra value in the current levels, but I’m sure some future levels will be made for it. The diamond sling sounds pretty handy though, but I’ll have to graduate from the gold league first.


    Agreed, neither one of them are the most useful slings. The diamond sling is only good for long distance shots, where any other sling cannot reach, and this case is extremely rare. The bouncy sling – not sure about this one either. I cannot think of a particular scenario where this sling would come to mind as the most appropriate for the job, and I know what every level looks like.

    Neither of the new slings have any special “power” ability like the specialty slings, and the golden sling. They do not hit any better than the original sling. Even the jingle sling, while it looks pretty, it does not have any special power behind it. The explosive ornaments make up for very little of what the specialty slings can do a whole lot better, and that is to smash.

    Conclusion: For power shots, which is quite common in the Facebook app, the specialty slings “ice, wood, stone, and gold” slings are still the way to get more points. For levels with all ice or wood, use the ice or wood sling. For levels with a significant amount of stone, use stone sling. For levels with not much stone, but a combination of wood and ice, use golden sling.

    Stone sling is still my favorite, because it is the most difficult to destroy, and also worth the most points. I find I can quite often gain more points using the stone sling than I can the gold sling. I’d say more than half the time, that’s the case, because there is almost always some stone that needs to be destroyed. That’s coming from someone who has spent a lot of time breaking down the game, and being as practical, methodical and analytical as possible.


    What I’ve noticed with the Diamond Sling is even though it defies gravity on the longer shots it tends to rise. So if you using it aim a little lower because the bird will come up somewhat.


    @hooksfan ! I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me from so many hours of slinging with the normal trajectory when it seemed like there was a rise. glad someone else thinks so too.

    Dixi 60

    I’m getting much lower scores with the new slings.


    sorry to ask this stupid question but i could not locate the new bouncy sling yet (now I am in golden leauge). can someone advise me here? many thanks.


    I cannot fathom out what use the diamond sling is, it appears very weak in comparison to all the others and yes it doesn’t go in a straight line, it has a slightly upward trafectory, very odd. Puzzling.

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