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  • tower of fortune is overrun with pigs. that’s okay, just spend all your gems to get worthless 10000 gem 6 point hats…so you won’t have to earn them later to finish the set…to increase your slingshot. got 2 hats on my first try in positions 1, then 2 and only had to pay 150 gems (should have been 170 but i won 20, whoopee). what a rip.

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  • AngryBoston

    Yes. True. Spent 300USD and now thinking should I really waste real money on this money grab thing? My last money spent ever in this game.

    P.S. Had to purchase 3×99.99 sets that give 14,000 gems (42,000 gems total, with 4K only left after ToF).

    Don’t make my mistake. Just give up on these hat events. You will never catch-up with these aka-Solo and Dark Pheonix.


    Round 1 is easy with just a couple of birds. You can pretty much get a spell which is enough to ensure you can beat it.

    Round 2, forget it unless you have Bomb. There is a stone structure on room 1 that Red can’t knock over, and Blues and Chuck might as well be hitting the deflector shields of the starship Enterprise.


    Finished entire event with 5 birds (Didn’t get Bomb and Silver hats). Good part about event – you can start immediately without waiting for 3 hours as used to be during previous hat events. So you can play around with tactics room-by-room


    For some reason, there is a five minute timer now instead of just being able to retry immediately after you fail. I know it’s a lot better than having to wait 1hr or 3hrs but it seems unnecessary. Idk.


    You can get around the retry wait times easily. BEFORE firing your last bird, if it’s clear you aren’t likely to complete the level, force-stop AB2. Don’t play the level through or exit the game the usual way. Force-stop it using the close-apps command (or whatever you have on your device) as if the program had crashed or stalled.

    When you restart, you go right back to the Adventure level you were working on, starting fresh with the first room. This works whether the retry times are 5 minutes, 3 hours, or whatever. You don’t lose the levels you successfully completed and aren’t penalized in any other way.


    Looks like this will be another hat set I’ll never complete.

    So far can’t get past floor three except for the first day where I got Red and Chuck. Every day since it is Apple or a spell, and then Pig, Pig.


    I’ve had two “runs” on the tower of misfortune and failed to get the hats on 30 and 40 both times.

    It even failed to give me the hat on 10 the first two times I hit that floor.

    I dig get 5 and 20 the first time though.


    I have got 5 hats this time, (didn’t get Silver’s and Terence’s hat), able to complete the event in time.

    Since I couldn’t complete the last 3 events, with only 2-3 hats each time, I spent more than 4k gems last time but only got 3 hats, spent around 1k only but getting 5 hats this time.  I guess they won’t allow you to finish every event. The odds of getting the hats at the TOF is somehow predetermined.

    They have also removed the choice of watching a video for a bird in the DC and KPP since this event.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum NEW ROVIO MONEY GRABBING HAT EVENT!!! YEAH!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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