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  • New levels have come out in Angry Birds 2. It’s a new episode called the Pig Apple. I haven’t reached it yet, however, so I can’t really tell you what’s new.

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  • Mighty Red

    Guess what, Level 560 has 6 rooms, and the level is a boss fight. Ironically, I passed it on my first try without any extras.


    I’ve barely passed level 130. Can’t Rovio just stop making levels until I caught up? XD

    Green Whacker


    Anything new in in Pig Apple stages? How is it different than other cities?

    I’m still stuck in the dreaded level 520 and can’t seem to get the right birds in order to reach the boss :-(

    Mighty Red

    @dragonofheart73 It’s basically a repeat of Pigsyland, with all the bounce pads and Magician Pigs. However, there are no treasure chests between levels of this chapter on the map.


    I just wish Rovio would add some more “attributes” to the worlds on the map- the Angry Birds Movie decorations (Billy sign + Bird houses in Feathery Hills and plant life in the Bamboo Forest) are really nice, but Rovio should put some decorations that reflect the world name, like Shangham for example: needs Asian themed architecture like pagodas and bamboo stalks- and The Pig Apple/New Pork City: needs tall skyscrapers (but short enough to fit on the map screen) and maybe a Statue of Liberty somewhere (really iconic- how could Rovio miss it?)- Ham Francisco as well, which could use “suburb”-style buildings and maybe the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance (hence Pig City being near the ocean). Pig City-type worlds are the ones that need the most extra details- but there are some other ones like Greasy Swamp (needs more of a swamp feeling- like vines and muck) and Greenerville (could use some farms and fields)- other than that, AB 2 is really fun in terms of gameplay- a 5-star game indeed!

    David Martin

    Great, more Pigsyland. Easily my least favorite level set in the entire game. The trampolines were novel at first; now they’re annoying. Far too many levels where you have to get a precise bounce and/or make a long shot and hope you have Chuck handy. I’m slogging through them now, but not having as much fun as I normally do with new levels.


    “However, there are no treasure chests between levels of this chapter on the map.”

    That is odd. I have several treasure chests showing up. One after 543, 546, 549, 553 and 556.

    David Martin

    I’m seeing the treasure chests too. if you aren’t, you should report it under Bugs & Glitches.


    I had no problem with the treasure chest between levels. They had 5 of them between the levels this time so if you aren’t seeing them then U have a glitch issue. As for the play of these levels it’s pretty BORING playing through the levels 541-560 and they are just a REPEAT of the previous ‘Pig City’ levels, some of them are EXACLY like the previous ‘Pig City’ rooms, it’s like they just took the different levels/rooms and mixed them up and called it a new chapter/Pig City stage when it’s just old stuff in a different order… These new levels probably only cost Rovio the price of a #3 combo from Wendy’s to make!! Lol!


    I don’t have any treasure chests on the map, but my birds are level 8. Maybe leveled up players/birds don’t get the chests anymore since they’re filled with feathers? We only get spells in the DCs.


    I’m on level 544 now but i played/ /like to spent my time more to the other ab old games. The leaderboards here (ab2) are weeks dead and if a player in the future are on a birds stronger level 6,7,8 ? Its easy scoring a recordscore and to do now is useless or the birds power must stopped on level 10 or something


    Yes, I have completed Pig City – The Pig Apple. Also completed Bamboo Forrest – Gravity Cove, but I am unable to enter my scores into the the Birds Nest Leaderboard for these levels – Is there a bug that needs fixing here to allow scores to be entered for the latest levels?

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