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  • Just thought I wanted to share what I think should happen next to this game. I mean, the arena is coming around the second time already, and it’s going to get to red soon. Then what? Another round of arena? More pig events of the same ship parts? I seriously think Rovio could do so much better by actually adding more features to this game than to simply churning out repetitive events…

    Some features I think should be implemented:

    – Fight with friends
    – Request help from friends and public
    – 4 slots for birds and possibly for ships (add another accessory slot and make sure items cannot overlap each other)
    – Add more abilities. The stat boost vs higher level and opponents in kill streaks are ok, but I just feel like there can be more to this…
    – New events and prizes

    What do you guys think? Are you happy for the events to keep rotating and repeating?

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  • Gartacus

    To be fair, nothing has really repeated yet… When the Blues and Chuck arena first happened the game hadn’t been released worldwide.

    Having said that, I’d love for the next event to be a ship arena, and then a new type of event would be really cool to see. I’m sure Rovio has plenty of ideas though… They’ve done a great job with this game so far!



    Ya, cool, ship arena.

    Or randomly play a game with Pigs with AI, instead of getting the message “Matching Failed”.


    I’m pretty sure fighting with friends will be possible via facebook soon I guess rovio announced it some time ago

    I’d really like to see:

    -the ablity to get items after battles to return
    -chance battles with progress multipliers NOT occuring when you play in an area you’ve already finished or when you almost completed the area
    -the abilty to get gems randomly after battles when desert island is completed


    In my opinion, Fight! is one of the better Angry Birds games, especially now that cheating is extremely discouraged and moderated. I’d say that there should be some unique quests that can give you exclusive items, stronger than the ones you find every Monster Pig event. If there was a slight break (2 days) between Monster Pig and Arena events, it could help too, because sometimes due to random constraints, if you’re a novice you just can’t advance until after 2 hours…


    I’d like a 2 days break as well.
    And I think that even the repeated events could be much interesting if they weren’t so identical. Change the pigs stats, change the points system, change the rewards tables, change SOMETHING beside the pigs appearance.


    Yeah, I mean, just need to change it up a bit… Doesn’t have to be new, just different.

    Power Pork

    My opinion is that the birds don’t fight automatically.
    You control the moves

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