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  • A new event has started! The top prize is Moonracer.

    This event uses one TFs and no energonicon.

    Special feature(s): Christmas theme

    The event banner for Sharp Shooter

    The bonus squad is The Wreckers, consisting of Ultra Magnus, Rodimus, Wheeljack and Moonracer.

    All these TFs are also in the token exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

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  • deindiaan

    Scoring on first day is OK, Christmas targets are 15 points, lots better than Halloween targets which scored only 5 points 😩. Event is OK as well, only one bot again🤨


    Didn’t remember so much snowmans on the maps. Also, Jungle crowded by them!

    Other Xmass theme targets very rare, so expect sh1ty event after 1st day with a big probability of JARSU, since Rovio at holidays …


    I have rodimus and ultra magnus so it should be easy


    This event arrived with fewer options to get by with not seeing ads.  The pre-start ads are intrusive and slow the game play.  The annoying sideways view of the damn ads is just frustrating.  And once again one cannot gain triple coins by watching another video as that mongrel popup has once again come back.

    Why do I bother playing a game that progressively gets worse at each update as Roxio go for cash rather than gain more players and frustrate those who are still in the game.


    @dixie If you spent some money in the game (ie. cheapest $4.99 gem offer), the pre-start ads will be permanently removed from the game (forever?).

    Nothing much can be done on the intrusive ads for pig/coin tripling or recharging health. Unfortunately, Most ads launches the app store at the end, so you have to go back to return to the game, but at least you should still get the “reward” for it.


    Pre start ads and $4.99.  Permanently removed?

    Few words have been popped up in regards to paying to remove the annoying ads but scam seems to fit better than ransom or black mail.  Just how many players have paid this $4.99?

    fraud, deception, blackmail, hoax, deceit, shakedown, racket, extortion, rip-off, sham, double-dealing, cheating, sting, flimflam, con, hustle, hosing, con game, dirty pool, double-cross

    I get the feeling that we the players are being ripped off.



    Actually.. this is a pretty common practice in many “Freemium” games. Remember, the game needs to be supported by some sort of revenue. So either players pay-up (buy gems, bundles, Primepass, etc..) to support the game or R/E get some additional revenue from showing/selling ads. Without revenue and profit, there is no point for R/E to continue updating and supporting this game. They are certainly not doing this out of the goodness of their heart.

    You can see this type of business model everywhere (ie. YouTube Premium, Hulu Ad-free, Kindle Ad-Free all costs extra for the benefit of reducing or eliminating ads).

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Event – Sharp Shooter

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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