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  • There are currently 28 squads in a more or less regular rotation. Based on this rotation list

    • the bonus squad in the event starting on Sep 23, 2021 will be Instruments of Destruction

    consisting of Soundwave, Soundblaster and Blaster. Previous event used one TF.

    Officers and Command squads are currently off the regular rotation and the other two completed war squads (Operations and Ground Force) may be also taken off from the rotation.

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  • SnTrooper

    If the pattern holds these should be the events through the end of the year:

    Sep 23: Soundwave – Instruments of Destruction
    Sep 30: Dirge – Coneheads
    Oct 7: Heatwave – Rescue Bots
    Oct 14: Sideswipe – Speedsters
    Oct 21: Ultra Magnus – Target: 2006
    Oct 28: Ironhide – Pure Warriors
    Nov 4: Season 10 Prime Pass Event
    Nov 11: Strongarm – Femme Fatale
    Nov 18: Flamewar – Noughties
    Nov 25: Sentinel Prime – Leaders
    Dec 2: Energon Soundwave – Energon Fueled
    Dec 9: Bluestreak – Brothers In Armor
    Dec 16: Ultimate Megatron – Variant Versions
    Dec 23: Omega Supreme – Gestalt
    Dec 30: Nemesis Prime – The Iconic Transformers
    Jan 6: Season 11 Prime Pass Event

    *Predicting the featured character is a lot harder than the bonus squad because historically they haven’t always stuck to the pattern. Generally I just chose the one that has been the longest since they were featured. So I could easily be wrong about some of those.
    Also I’m not sure about the placement of the Prime Pass events. The last couple have been the first event every other month. So I went with that.

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