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  • A new event with one bot and no one energonicon. ( Except when Devastator is used. Then there’s no energonicon.)

    The top prize is Devastator. So if you haven’t got him yet, this is your chance to get him!

    The bonus squad is Combiners, up till now only consisting of Devastator.

    Devastator, E. Megatron and E. Shockwave are in the exchange with accessories.

    Good luck!

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  • GrimLockdown

    10,000 tokens is needed to unlock Devastator.

    @moifirst, do you have copy–paste error? I have energonicons available.


    @grimlockdown , no I didn’t make a copy-paste mistake.
    I really don’t have energonicons.
    Probably one of the mysteries of R/E.

    Btw, I use the Android version. Maybe this could be the cause (,at least if you have iOS).

    CORRECTION: If I use another bot than Devastator, I do have an Energonicon to my disposal. So it’s a Devastator issue.
    I’ll correct this in the description of this topic.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to this!


    I have energonicons as well, and I’m on Android. Maybe they are not available if you use Devastator.


    You’re right. You probably reacted before I added the CORRECTION-part.


    @moifirst Yup. :) Saw it after the page refreshed.

    It stinks that you cannot use any energonicon with Devastator. They should allow some, such as Goldslam.


    devastator don’t need energonomicon :D anyway it have his own special weapon for multiple targets…

    So yeah i understand how you can smash block that are on your way (not the background once) seems cool but i believe way refined method to appeared and disappear at begin/end of a nod. @lewie4 why not to add a new animation movement for devastator. Just make it to separate those bots (transformed to vehicle mod) not as robots and all of them gets into the astrotrain same story at the beginning but getting outside separated and combined before the nod begins. Or you want something more simple? Use the animation of the teleport? the one that it is to appear the new bot in the astrotrain. At list those option seems way better than just having devastator appear and disappear without clue… it seems way unrefined method of him.


    @elpapam I like your idea. It seems like an actual thing that could happen.

    @datguygamer the way things are now about the appearance and disappearance of Devastator is total mess. So if this first idea to make a new anime (separated 2 arms / 2 hands / 1 chest / 1 head bots) the original Constructicons set of bots) to be only as vehicle not bots that enters or exit the train. Or use the already teleport energy/lighting animation when a new bot after the unlocking first run is been appeared / teleport-ed into the astrotrain. This is even faster to pull off. Because it’s a ready animation or render that can be used to teleport in and out of the astrotrain the Devastator. I hope @lewie4 would give those suggestion to the programmers team…


    It’s crashed on me a few times with this new bot.


    Taking him on a slow-mo stroll through Cobalt Valley is the worst.


    @optimuspig, I already can’t stand the slow-mo portals, so I can only imagine that pain.  I’d probably just put the phone down and read a book for the 15 minutes it would take.   Or exit the run and hope for something else after re-starting.


    Because every run where Devastator is used now crashes in the end, I think his name should be changed to Disaster.


    Took a 2 week vacation in Europe and didn’t touch the game.  I didn’t miss it, but am intrigued by the new character and potential new map area.  At least it does seem like they’re trying now.


    It looks like R/E has solved the crashing problem (at least for the time being).


    Just got super lucky and got an overpower in one of those free for watching a video gold crates that pop up every now and then.


    @sntrooper Nice :). After all accessories for new bot I have left a little over 1000 tokens and use them for 1 Gold Crate and actually got 1800 sparks, which was great for me, because other options was 750 tokens for 750 sparks 😜.

    Docker Rocker

    @sntrooper @asen I have gotten silver crate and bout 20. WHAT?

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