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  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Since the Eagle store is now open 24/7 now  will we ever get the chance again to purchase hats for only  1500 gems or will we now need 5000 fir every hat? Also will they still have 6 week seasons within these new groups of 200 they have us in or are they gone? I remember as a new player playing in the EN there were some players scoring in the low 100 millions and I thought I’d never be able to score that high. After playing everyday for a few years though I too was scoring very low 100 millions but now the high scorers were up in the 500 millions. It kinda sucks though when you think your scoring high but only receive 26 pts which is close to 19 and you know what that means, your bundled up with all the low scorers. With this new system you earn even less points and for me just an average joe regular daily player it will take forever now to earn 5000 points for a hat at this rate since I’m no where close to earning points like I was before the change. Like most people O don’t like change yet I understand something had to change so the same 20 people weren’t always at the top of the board. I guess I need some inspiration I’m not going to have to play for 3 years now just to earn enough for one hat because it sure feels like it.</p>

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    yes hats will continue to cycle through at discounted amount of coins at the end of each season

    yes the normal length of season still exists (c.48 days)

    and for me it took from the start of the 3rd season to a few days ago to collect 5000 coins separately to the 1000/1500 coins needed for the hat which i spent of the second season hat (blues samurai hat) as i stupidly decided not to buy that one when it was discounted. This was collected in different ways: to start with i only gained an extra 250 coins for being a frame higher than needed for the hat. Then came the update where you could get extra coins for each room you finished. and finally the update which gives you a few extra coins in your local area.  so in theory you should be able to collect coins at a faster rate then i did.


    How can you tell when the store opens again.? I mean when the 48 days are up?


    if you go on the mebc main page go on the season tab and underneath where it says play again/play it says season ends and then the time. as of today at 13:28 GMT it is on 5 days and 15 hours


    The store is open permanently now.

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