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  • I know i’m new here and all, and i hope you don’t get me posting so much as a way to rank up (i don’t really care for forum badges anyway).

    I was thinking, since Rovio members periodically view this forum, why not have a sticky topic for making new content suggestions? I see that there are players here (myself included) who already long for new content, so why don’t we suggest some and let Rovio employees forward those to the developer team? Also game improvements would be good as well.
    This way we can lend some creativity to the developers (not saying they aren’t creative but help can’t hurt).

    Hope i didn’t cross any lines (if i did admins can delete this topic).

    I’ll go first by pasting what i already posted in TomT’s topic and some more.

    1. Wouldn’t it be cool if Rovio added full body armor? I envision it as a fourth type of items but if you equip one, you wouldn’t be able to use the rest, so certain compromises would have to be made depending on the stats and abilities you’d get.
    They could have superhero, gods, mecha… full body armor, basically there are lots of ideas and it would make the gameplay more interesting imo.

    2. Noticed that we can’t lock items to prevent us from accidentally selling them (a feature that i saw in many mobile games), so adding it would be nice.

    3. A way to create custom sets for gear and name them. For example: want to add all my streak stat increasing items (when i have them lol) under a set named Streak Freak…
    Would help us organize our gear more easily and switch between them if we get bored with a certain combo.

    Feel free to share your ideas (if the admins allow this topic).

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  • Veggie

    – more detailed stats like winning in percentage for every bird
    – bringing back exp chances battles
    – Piggy Island for Pigs PvP
    – Pig Dungeon (same as Dr. Pig Lab just for Pigs)
    – Ship Battles against other Players
    – new Birds
    – option to skip all battle animations
    – new events


    @veggie Wtg, simple, short and straightforward. :-) (only hope it becomes a sticky so Rovio members can easily extract the info, i know we can message directly to Rovio support, but i find this is more convenient, and it let’s players see the ideas as well).


    I would like to see items for pigs.

    More pig lab levels.


    I want to expand on my 1st suggestion for full body armor as i just had a clever revelation of what they could additionally do.

    Red’s Mech Armor
    -Golden panel increase
    -Creates become transparent

    Now this second one would be new, making crates harder to spot, thus adding value to the armor (you basically get more effective sabotage out of it).

    Similar things can be done with other birds (emphasizing their strengths).
    Thought of another one for Red that can be put in another full body armor.
    Instead of starting fever mode, matching 5 or more panels erases all panels of the type matched.
    Or for Matilda:
    Matching matilda panels gives 20% more health.

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