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  • A new character is on the way!

    According to the update description, this character is Warpath. He’s the last member of the DK Crew of the Support Squad.

    He uses Megatron as a base, and has Bomb’s voiceclips.

    His weapon appears to be an odd cross between Shockwave and Megatron, a laser that leaves behind a black hole.

    He looks so squished in his icon.

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  • moi

    Here’s a screenshot of Warpath in action
    warpath in action.jpg


    So… this means we’re going to have to upgrade one, maybe two members of the Support squad to get Warpath. Based upon their relative strengths and capabilities (I’ve not played much with them as they never come up in rotation), who would you upgrade?

    Drag Strip



    @flytyer37  My advice would be either Grapple (high precision) or Drag Strip (a little bit wider range of destruction). But I think you could better watch them yourself in several YouTube videos to make your own choice.


    All of my TFs are at level 15 and I have Drag Strip promoted to purple so my vote goes to Drag Strip.


    You only need to promote one.  The events that introduce new TFs are always 1-bot-only.


    I can’t stand Grapple’s grappling ability.

    But I promoted him by default since he was the first TF to show up in that squad.


    In ABT News today.

    Warpath in News

    So, later this week he should be available in Gold crates and then in the next event starting this Thursday/Friday.


    warpath-golden crates.jpg

    Nothing stands in the way any longer for Warpath to be the top prize in the next event.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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